Weddings Vs. Elopements

Did you know that eloping is a bargain compared with the cost of conventional weddings?  The average couple will spend in the neighborhood of $20,000 for a conventional wedding.   And, it’s way more than that, if they happen to live in a big city.   On the other hand, an elopement and honeymoon together will cost in the neighborhood of $5,000.  A couple can stay at the best hotels, eat like kings, see the world through a unique perspective, and return home marriage certificate in hand, with enough money left over to throw a hum-dinger reception if they so wish.

In addition, most conventional weddings can take a year or more of advance planning, where as St. Simons Elopements offers elopement package ceremonies that are together in a matter of weeks . . . sometimes even days.   In addition, conventional weddings are usually scripted right down to the last flower, where as playing it loose with an elopement is part of the thrill.  Everything doesn’t have to be perfect when it’s just the two of you, with your close family and friends.  You’ll have little to concentrate on besides your love for one another. Things have a way of coming together at the last minute when you elope.  Clouds part and the sun shines through.  It’s one of the joys.

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