Wedding Cake Trends for 2009

Wedding cake trends for 2009 have moved to hexagonal or square-shaped tier cakes. Brides and grooms are choosing cubes and layered hexagons, rather than the oval and circular designs of the past. These stacked shapes are also unique centerpieces for the reception with lots of embellishment and detail.

The chic ‘black and white’ style wedding cakes are among the top trends in 2009 as well. Many brides go for that elegant look, with a monochrome flair in cake design. You can also match the details of the cake with your wedding dress. A true lover of Parisian culture, may choose white fondant icing on the cake, topped with black or dark brown icing.

2009 will definitely be dominated by shades of blue or turquoise, along with greens or aquamarine. A great idea is to have a tropical beach theme for your wedding cake, with turquoise, aquamarine and sky blue as the base colors for icing. Silver, white, light grey and lilac will act as complementary colors, bringing your beach theme to life.

My favorite comeback for the year is pink. In fact, pink is the number one choice for bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the embellishments on the bride’s white gown. Makes sense that you will most likely want the same pink color for your wedding cake as well. If you love pink, then a pink cake with white ‘lace’ details, silver embellishments and pink flowers, will be perfect. If you think it’s a little too much pink, then keep white as the base color and use pink for all types of embellishments on the cake.

Another idea that remains for 2009 is a tower of cupcakes, rather than a traditional wedding cake. A little twist for this year is, instead of the usual round cupcakes, brides are opting for cakes in geometric shapes. Towers made of square cakes are hot favorites for a little something different.

In addition, you might want to have the classic square cakes, decorated with ribbons and flowers, in a tiered or staggered style. If you like the idea of using cup cakes, they can also be decorated as miniature ‘presents’, which adds a special touch to the wedding celebration.

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