Weddings From Dreams | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner specializing in beach weddings along the Georgia Coast, I most often recommend that couples consider the time of day for their wedding.  Weddings at Sunrise or at Sunset are gorgeous as well as comfortable.  These times are considered “golden hours” to photographers, as well.  They are by far the most intimate and romantic of ceremonies.  I also watch the tide charts religiously to insure my brides and grooms are on the beach for the exact moment of sunrise or sunset and the tide is far enough out so as not to come crashing in over the wedding party and guests during their ceremony.

The Georgia Coast is beautiful and most often a cool breeze is flowing, but it can be very hot during June, July, and August.  The best months for beach weddings and weddings under the huge live oaks along the coast are the Autumn months of September, October, November and the Spring months of March, April, and May.  These months are warm, but not hot, and cool, but not cold.  This is also considered to be the “off season” for hotels and motels and it’s a great place to save money on lodging for the couple and their guests.  Also, by planning a wedding for September, October, or November, you will avoid most of the ever present insects that make these islands their home.

There are several islands along the coast of Georgia that are perfect for that intimate, romantic ceremony.  Each island has different settings which give options for the bride and groom to consider.  Whether it’s white sand, lighthouses, piers, gazebos, driftwood beaches, moss hanging from the live oak trees, sunrises, sunsets, or just total seclusion, these Georgia Islands offer it all.

Destination weddings or elopements are very popular and brides can save money by using a wedding planner that is local to the area.  Some planners offer elopement packages with amenities that save you time and money . . . not to mention eliminating stress.  The planner will be familiar with the best vendors to use and will be able to get discounts where they are not ordinarily given.  She will know who will make the exact cake you want, the most gorgeous flowers, the most amazing photography,  as well as hair and nail appointments, and many other vendors that you will need.  She can also suggest the perfect location for the wedding of your dreams.

Come to the Georgia Coastal Islands for your wedding.  We make weddings from dreams.

For more information on elopements or weddings to Coastal Georgia, please visit my website.  I would be delighted to hear from you!


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