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One of the most important things to consider when you plan your beach wedding is your wedding dress. Whether you have chosen a beach wedding that is formal or casual, it all comes back to your personal taste and of course, making sure your choice is practical.

Most girls coordinate their beach wedding gown with the style and theme of their wedding. Beach weddings are almost always casual, although they can be very formal. If you decide to go with a formal beach wedding, then you will want to choose a formal style dress that is very light and simple.

Whether you have your beach wedding at an exclusive  oceanfront hotel or on a favorite beach, your wedding attire and decor can be designed to suit your individual tastes. Before you buy your beach wedding dress, be sure the gown is beach-proof. Don’t let the sand or wind distract your appearance.

Important things to consider when shopping for your beach wedding gown:

  • A short wedding gown train with a finger hold or no train at all is best for beach or outdoor weddings.
  • A slip dress is a very popular choice for beach or outdoor weddings, as are halter, strapless, and sarong style dresses.
  • A beach wedding dress can be short or long, however, if it is long, make sure it is short enough to allow for your feet sinking in the sand.
  • The beach is most often very breezy or windy, shop for wedding gowns that are straighter lined rather than full and flowing.
  • Remember to stay away from heavy fabrics and pantyhose.  If you think you absolutely must wear pantyhose, be sure and wear a long and lightweight wedding dress.
  • If you want to wear a veil, make sure it is weighted at the bottom so it does not fly away during the ceremony. If you have chosen a beach wedding dress with a hat to match, be sure to pin the hat down well so the wind does not carry it away. An orchid pinned behind the ear or a wreath of flowers worn like a crown is a very popular choice among beach wedding brides, as well.
  • Shoes are another important thing to consider when planning your beach wedding. High heels and hose just don’t work for beach weddings. Most brides choose dressy sandals or even barefoot!

If you are in the market for a beach wedding dress, the best choice is one that fits your personality and style, as well as the theme of your beach wedding.


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