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Can you believe that the average cost of a wedding today is nearly $30,000? Because wedding costs are on the increase, the less expensive weddings and elopement packages are an excellent option for couples on a tight budget.

Some elopement packages may run anywhere from $250 up to several thousand dollars, depending on the options you choose. If you are considering a much larger ceremony and reception in your home town, opting for an elopement can be a big savings. The most important thing is to find the best wedding or elopement ceremony within your budget, without compromising the romance, intimacy, and other special amenities you want for your wedding celebration.

There are many reasons why some couples opt for an inexpensive elopement package. Many couples are faced with other expenses such as purchasing a home, reducing debt, continuing education, or having a baby. Saving money by choosing an inexpensive elopement is a responsible choice and can be just as meaningful and romantic as a big expensive wedding celebration.

It is not difficult to find less expensive wedding or elopement packages by using online search engines, i.e. Google, Bing, etc., however, you should plan carefully to find the very best prices. You may find that many resorts, hotels, and wedding planners offer elopement and destination wedding packages. You may decide to contact a wedding planner to inquire about less expensive options, as well. Some couples hire a wedding planner as a consultant only and make all the wedding arrangements.

There are several ways to get the best deal on an elopement package, but you need to do your homework:

  • Decide on a destination for your elopement. Exotic or far away locations are usually more expensive. Check vacation destination spots within a day’s travel to save money.
  • Inquire about elopement packages. Elopement packages are generally offered by wedding planners, hotels, or resorts. Packages will have different features and prices.
  • Ask about customized packages. Customized packages that include only the amenities you want, may allow you to get a less expensive elopement package.
  • Plan early. If your wedding or elopement is booked at the last minute, you may receive a higher price, in addition to not getting the date and time you are hoping for.
  • Save $$ to pay expenses. By planning ahead, couples can pay for the wedding or elopement package over several months without accumulating debt.

If you really want to cut your cost, you might consider the following: 

  • Travel: Travel costs are significant when traveling to exotic or popular destinations such as Europe, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. However, if you marry at a popular vacation destination closer to your home, travel expenses are much less and it’s a great way to save money. 
  • Date: The wedding months of May, June, & July may be more expensive and much more difficult to book, unless you have planned well in advance. You may even consider getting married on a week day or during slower periods. Hotels generally offer lower rates during the off season and you may also get other reduced prices. It may cost you more to have a wedding or an elopement rushed at the last minute. 
  • Your guests: Although some couples prefer eloping with just the two of them, many other couples want to include guests such as close family and friends. By including guests or attendants at your wedding or elopement, the costs for your package will increase. 
  • Optional amenities: Most elopement packages will have their basic services for a minimal cost but will also offer additional services such as photography, bouquet and boot, and more, for additional fees. By eliminating some of the extras, you can keep your costs down.

Included in a basic elopement package would be a simple ceremony, a professional photographer, a seasonal floral bouquet and boot. Other add-ons may be a hotel suite, music, champagne and strawberries, small wedding cake, or even a horse and carriage ride. Most planners and resort hotels will offer these amenities and other additional services for additional fees. You may also be interested in a spa treatment, couple’s massages, meals, and more elaborate ceremonies. Just remember that these add-ons will increase the bottom line of your elopement package. Some couples consider these add-ons to make their day special and although they may add to the cost, they are saving thousands of dollars by not having a traditional ceremony and reception. By splurging, they feel they are making their elopement even more special and romantic.

Sometimes, even the tightest budgets need tweaking in order to elope. Here are a few ways to cut your costs even further: 

  • Choose an elopement destination close to home that will not require much in the way of travel costs. 
  • Decide on a ceremony for just the two of you…no guests. 
  • Drop ceremony extras from the package. 
  • Ask about adding the hotel cost into the elopement package in order to receive a discounted rate. 
  • Purchasing your own flowers. 
  • Purchase wedding attire that can be worn again.

By purchasing a wedding or an elopement package, many couples on a budget are able to have the wedding of their dreams.

For more information on wedding planning and elopement packages, please visit my website at http://www.stsimonselopements.com or e-mail at stsimonselopements@yahoo.com or give me a call at 912-638-8706.


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