Wedding Color Trends for 2010

The latest trends for 2010 wedding color schemes may surprise you, but no more white, pastel greens, or lilacs!  The newest color trends are bold and bright hues and a few pastel colors.  Brides are opting for vibrant red wedding gowns to bold turquoise accessories.  “Times, they are a changing!”


Black wedding dresses are still leading the pack for the latest.    Black dresses  make a beautiful bold statement for your wedding day. The black color scheme became popular in 2008 and has remained there since. Black dresses embellished with white lace and pearls are a popular choice, but another favorite is black piping or embroidery over white for a little different option.


Red wedding gowns are also up there in the top trends for 2010 weddings, especially for Spring and Fall. Brides are wearing bright red gowns with large satin sashes and bows, or red gowns with black piping.  These colors are the newest and freshest look for 2010.

More color trends in Bridesmaid dresses for 2010 call for weddings in pink, bright orange or turquoise shades. Brides opting for a little fun and playful look to the wedding can wear a simple cream colored gown with a bright colorful sash that matches the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen vests. Bridesmaid dresses embellished with large petals and oversized bows are among the latest and most stylish, as well.

Bright sunny yellow and peach tones are also a couple of the most popular color trends for a Spring or Summer wedding. For the most fashionable look, avoid the pastels and go for the bold and bright colors. These colors are particularly stunning for outdoor weddings, beach weddings, and tropical themed weddings.

I love the newest trends for 2010, but as always, I’m a traditional kinda gal and nothing is more beautiful to me than a white or ivory traditional wedding gown…..  But that’s just me.


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