Beach Theme Wedding Made Easy | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Beach wedding themes are very popular during the spring and summer months and there are many ways to save money with this theme.


Beginning with the invitations, you can make the invitation very simple by using a photograph of the couple at the beach.  These are very popular today and your quests always enjoy a picture of the upcoming bride and groom.


Your wedding dress can be a mermaid-style dress or a sundress. These type dresses are not that expensive in terms of what a traditional wedding gown will cost.  The bride may even choose to wear a sun hat or flowers in her hair.  


Also, the flowers for a beach wedding do not need to be formal at all. A seasonal flower bouquet for the bride and a boutonnierre is perfect.


The groom can wear a simple cotton or linen shirt with an open neck, or he may prefer to wear a suit that is a light shade. Some couples opt for a more tropical look and the groom can wear a beach or Hawaiian shirt and shorts.


For the bridesmaids and flower girls, sundresses are perfect as well and can also be worn with straw hats or flowers in their hair. Straw hats and leis fit in perfectly with the beach for tropical theme.




A fun and different idea for your flower girl is for her carry a small beach pail with seashells to drop along with bright color flower petals while proceeding down the aisle.  This is one of my favorite ideas and would definitely make your wedding unique. Large and medium size seashells can be used as decorations as well as hung on each aisle chair.




Most beach weddings use white chairs for their guests, but for a more tropical theme you might add some bright colored tulle material to tie around the back in a bow, making the theme more distinct.   Also, tulle comes in many colors.  


It is typical for brides to arrive for their wedding in a car, but for a little different twist on a beach wedding, it would be fun to arrive in a dune buggy or golf cart.  This type arrival is completely fitting for a beach wedding theme and fun, as well!



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