The First Dance | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

 After your wedding day is over, you will forever recall your first dance and the song you danced to as newlyweds.  Let your first dance as husband and wife reflect who you are as a couple and tell the story of your relationship.  


As you dance together, remember that you are declaring who you are through the music that you have chosen. The song may be romantic, playful, or even ironic.  Your first dance song can be humorous, as well.  Just make sure your guests understand the humor.     


Classic tunes are very popular for first dances.  The song lyrics from your parent’s or grandparent’s generation will always be the epitome of romantic sentiment.  Many of the same songs that were used then are still popular today.


It is very special, if you can find a song that fits your personal history as a couple.   Try to choose a song with some personal significance, such as the song from the first movie you saw together as a couple, or the first song you slow-danced to at another event.  The most important thing is for the song to be timeless as well as one that both of you enjoy.  It should be one that will remind you of this wedding day moment for years to come.


You will want to choose a song that reflects the feeling that your marriage will last forever.  “At Last” by Etta James is very popular for that reason.


So what are the best first dance songs?  Here are a few of the most popular first dance songs:

  1. Amazed By Lonestar
  2. From This Moment On By Shania Twain
  3. At Last By Etta James
  4. Because You Loved  Me By Celine Dion
  5. I Cross my Heart By George Strait
  6. It’s Your Love By Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  7. Wonderful Tonight By Eric Clapton
  8. Have I Told You Lately By Rod Stewart or Van Morrison 
  9. I Swear By All 4 One
  10. Unchained Melody By Righteous Brothers


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