You Can Call Me Sugar | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

The costs of weddings keep going up every year, so it’s a good idea to look for ways to extend your budget and still have the wedding and reception you’ve always dreamed of.  Many couples are beginning to use creative ideas for their wedding receptions.  A dessert reception theme is among the newest ideas for […]

Beach Wedding Styles | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Beach Wedding Style Casual Beach Wedding – Have it your way!  You’ll love wearing a long flowing dress, while your groom wears a loose linen shirt.  A simple seasonal flower bouquet is perfect and you may even a wear a Hawaiian Lei.  Intimate ceremonies where the guests stand and circle the couple for their vows […]

Who Pays For What? | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

There are no hard fast rules regarding who pays for what in a wedding. The list I have compiled below indicates the traditional only. It is recommended that the bride and groom should meet with both sets of parents to discuss who will pay for what.  This should be done at the beginning of the […]

Wedding Processional and Recessional Order | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Processional Just before the processional begins in a Christian Wedding Ceremony, the officiant takes his or her place, with the groom on the officiant’s left, and the best man on the groom’s left, all facing the guests.  The ushers (groomsmen) may also stand at the front or they may start the procession….walking in pairs.  They are […]

Small Intimate Weddings | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Elopements are all about small intimate weddings.  An elopement can be anything from running off together to get married in secret, to planning a small ceremony away from home.  More and more couples are choosing to elope due to the privacy and romance of it all. Wedding or elopement options range from simple elopement ceremonies […]

Victorian Theme Wedding | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

The Victorian wedding theme is all about garden parties, tea parties, lace doilies, cherub birdbaths, cast iron benches, finger foods, mismatched teacups, and silver teaspoons.  Just imagine the long ago upper class ballrooms filled with chandeliers and their crystals and fringe hanging.  Imagine lamps and candlesticks.  There’s a piano player and a string quartet playing […]

Beach Wedding Themes and Ideas | Jekyll Island Wedding Planner

If you’ve decided on a beach wedding theme, you can be totally creative and do most anything!  The beach sets the mood, depending on what time of day your wedding will be.  If you are looking for romance, serenity, and beauty, you will want a sunrise or sunset wedding.  But if you really prefer fun, […]