Black and White Wedding Theme | Jekyll Island Wedding Planner

In the last few years, wedding colors have changed to hot pinks, bright greens, and sunshine yellows.  Today, the black and white wedding theme is the hottest and most popular for couples getting married….and the fashion world loves it!

Some couples are a little afraid to use the black and white wedding theme because it can give a dull effect, but you can do many things to make this theme dramatic.  Black and white together will also fit any location and any event.

If you are doing a heart themed wedding, use white linen tablecloths for the reception tables and then, choose bridesmaid dresses that are bright tulip colors and add a big white sash.  Your reception tables can match the dresses by having your florist do the table centerpiece in white with some of the flowers sprayed black.


Next, you might want to add a touch of silver to the black and white by giving your guests little white or black boxes with silver or white heart-shaped candy as wedding favors.  Try using silver accents on the reception tables as well as black confetti.  This can truly give a stunning and dramatic effect.


Feathers can also be used with the black and white theme, and is gorgeous.  Adding feathers is an excellent touch to your wedding day and the experts are using it everywhere.  You can even add feathers to your invitations to make them look very elegant and classic. 

Headpieces with feathers in them can be worn by your bridesmaids, and they can be used in the floral centerpieces or other wedding décor, as well.  Another idea is to add feathers to the bouquets and boots for a very different and creative look.

There are so many possibilities to use with a black and white wedding theme.  Not only that, but black and white is perfect for all the seasons…. summer, winter, spring, or fall.  Its classic!

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