Reasons To Elope

There are many reasons why couples decide to elope rather than have a big expensive wedding.  Here are a few of the best!  


Want Intimacy
Your day should be about the two of you.  It should never be about the guest lists or the best location or the best food to serve at the reception.  Yes, it does sound romantic to stand before a hundred or so people and repeat your vows to your true love…but who ARE they?  Is your guest list a list of your closest friends and relatives, or is it also made up of a lot of people that you may not even know. 
Your wedding should be personal, intimate, and romantic…  and it should not be about the guest list. It’s about the two of you.  Imagine just the two of you committing your lives to each other in front of the few people who mean the most to you.  Your elopement doesn’t have to be exclusive to the two of you, but it gives you control of your guest list.

 Getting married is the most important day in your life….so far.  Make sure it is the day YOU want and not the day that the in laws, parents, bridesmaids, guests, and last but not least, the wedding industry wants.


Weddings are Expensive

Maybe you don’t want to spend a lot on a big wedding or maybe you can’t.   

Since the average wedding cost is between $22,000 and $30,000, couples sometimes turn to thoughts of eloping.  Does the happiest day of your life need to be the most expensive day of your life?

If you decide to elope, you can save money and treat yourselves.  You could put that money down on a house….or have the dream honeymoon together. 


Eloping is Easy

Everyone knows how stressful and time consuming a wedding can be.  From the small decisions to the big ones, planning a wedding can take a lot out of a couple.  There are numerous reasons planning a wedding can be so stressful. 

  • Setting a date and time – summer, fall, winter, spring
  • Ceremony and reception location – outside or inside
  • Guest list – lots of people contributing to this list
  • Choosing the invitations
  • Wedding attire – wedding dress, alterations, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup
  • Wedding planner
  • Photographer – portraits
  • Officiant/minister
  • Flowers – ceremony and reception
  • Meal – buffet or formal
  • Bar – what to serve
  • Band/DJ
  • Wedding cake/groom’s cake – décor and flavor
  • To video or not
  • Choosing bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • Vows – traditional or custom
  • Ceremony poem/song/reading selections
  • Ceremony rehearsal
  • Ceremony music
  • Selecting your wedding registry
  • Honeymoon
  • Flights
  • Car rental
  • Hotel
  • Speeches
  • Flower girls/ring bearers
  • Bridesmaid’s dresses
  • Attendant’s gifts
  • Guest favors
  • Guest transportation………..and on and on…….



Believe it or not……families have issues.

  • Divorces in either or both of your families can leave you not knowing which way to turn.
  • Some of your family opposes to your marriage or some other aspect of the wedding.
  • Your family is paying for the wedding…but with strings attached.
  • His family is not contributing but has an opinion on everything.
  • Both of you have a large size family and extended family that make for a very large guest list.
  • Everyone has that black sheep / embarrassing relative in their family and you are afraid they will ruin your day.


Sometimes, couples face opposition from their families and friends because of religious, cultural, or ethnic reasons.  It may be that you don’t have a strong religious conviction, but your parents do and they want you to have a religious ceremony.   

Can’t Wait Any Longer

  • In love and don’t want to wait another second.
  • Your family and friends have special occasions going on during the same time you want to set your date.
  • Best locations are booked up for weddings a long time in advance and it’s difficult to get the date you want.
  • You have to consider a military relocation.
  • Your job is relocating and you want to get married before you move away from family and friends.
  • One of you has an immigration visa issue.
  • You’re expecting a baby.

Not Your First Marriage

So you’ve been around the block a few times…you already know the ropes and it’s not your first rodeo.  You’re older and wiser and don’t want the stress of everything all over again.  Many couples decide to elope because they have already had the big wedding and are only interested in a simple ceremony with the person they love.

Want A Small Wedding

Many couples simply want a small wedding.  The guest list just keeps growing and that small wedding has turned into a much bigger wedding than originally planned.  When this happens, many couples make a decision to run off and get married on their own.  Then they return home and throw a big celebration party for their family and friends.

Dislike Attention

Not all brides and grooms enjoy the being in the spotlight.  They may not want to be the center of attention……and that’s exactly where they would be at their own wedding.  At the reception, during the ceremony, not to mention the constant glances throughout the evening from the guests…all eyes are on you.


So there you have it….the most popular reasons for eloping.  For more information on eloping, please visit my website at

Or send me an e-mail at

Or give me a call at 912-638-8706

Elope to beautiful St. Simons or Jekyll Island, Georgia and leave the stress behind.


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