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A beautiful way to capture the feeling of intimacy, romance, and the promise of a brand new day, is to have a sunrise wedding service.  An elopement or wedding ceremony in the early morning hours have a crisp, freshness that is like nothing else.


A sunrise wedding ceremony may be unique, but it’s not for everyone.  You may not be an early riser, and that’s okay.  But…if you have ever attended a sunrise service on Easter morning, you know the feeling you get from that beautiful sun rising in the east.  What an amazing and glorious backdrop for the bride and groom as they recite their vows with their toes in the sand!

If you are thinking of having a sunrise wedding ceremony, you will want it to have a much softer feeling than an evening ceremony.  An early morning wedding ceremony is very different from any other kind of wedding.  For instance, most people will not be dancing at that hour.  Soft music is perfect for a sunrise ceremony, and you might even consider a harpist.


As you probably know, not all your friends and family will be able to handle getting up at the crack of dawn or before, to attend a wedding ceremony.   You will want to plan on inviting only those that are closest to you, as well as getting an RSVP. 

With easy access to the internet, it’s easy to determine the exact time of the sunrise on your wedding date.  Don’t forget that summer months have earlier sunrises than other seasons, but the temperatures are wonderful for that time of day.  Be sure and check out the typical temperatures for sunrise, as well.

An early morning reception is much different, too.  You might decide to offer brunch foods or an omelette bar.   You may even decide to have an elaborate breakfast menu, instead.  Most people are not usually big drinkers first thing in the morning, but Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Champagne can be served, if you want to serve alcohol.  And don’t forget your wedding cake will be perfect with coffee.

A sunrise service is not the time to bring out the bling.  Go for a romantic look, such as a wedding dress in a soft, flowing fabric like chiffon or English net.  You might look for a dress with very little or no embellishments at all.   A long veil floating in the early morning breeze is beautiful for a sunrise ceremony, as well.

For your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, and other wedding party flowers, you might choose a bouquet that features the morning sun colors of yellow, gold, and orange. This color combination is stunning if done in a simple bouquet of roses. Or you might prefer an to use all-white colors to achieve a very delicate and airy effect. 

Having your wedding ceremony on the beach at sunrise is a perfect idea for a couple beginning a new life together.  It’s a beautiful way to capture that first appearance of light in the morning with the sun rising in the eastern sky, over the Atlantic Ocean.    It’s a new day and a new life together as a married couple.

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5 thoughts on “Sunrise Wedding Ceremony | Jekyll Island Wedding Planner

  1. Carla, I love the idea of a sunrise wedding! It’s my favorite part of the day. There is nothing in the world like the sun rising and the world waking up from its slumber! Plus, you have the rest of the day to party and enjoy your guests!

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