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If you’ve decided on a beach wedding theme, you can be totally creative and do most anything!  The beach sets the mood, depending on what time of day your wedding will be.  If you are looking for romance, serenity, and beauty, you will want a sunrise or sunset wedding.  But if you really prefer fun, excitement, and activity, then a mid-day wedding is for you.  Either way, the beach is a beautiful backdrop that needs very few decorations.

Get Your Creativity Flowing!


Dolphins, sea turtles, star fish, mermaids!  Base your beach wedding them on the creatures of the sea!   

Choose a mermaid style wedding dress in white or a pale sea green.  Then weave pearls throughout your hair for a whimsical look.  Your groom can wear a white rayon shirt and green slacks along with a Hawaiian lei of ivy.  For your wedding party, choose mermaid style dresses in dark emerald green as well as the flower girl.

And don’t forget about the wedding cake!  Use green ivy and sea shells for cake decorations, as well as for your invitations.  There are many ideas and places that offer much in the way of wedding favors and wedding décor for this theme.



A nautical theme is all about the boat lover in you!  You’ll want to have a simple, sleek wedding gown and for your groom, dark navy slacks and a nautical style shirt.  If you or your fiancé own a boat, why not make your exit by sailing off into the sunset?

For nautical décor, use netting, anchors, large sea shells, and colored rope.  You can also purchase a wedding cake using the same motif.  Use a small sailboat, a lighthouse, or 2 small Adirondack chairs as the cake topper.

Your wedding favors could be your own version of “message in a bottle”.  Purchase small bottles at the craft store and pour a little sand in the bottom.  Place your wedding thank you note inside, cork it, and tie a small piece of twine around the neck. 



A Hawaiian beach wedding theme is so romantic! The simple Hawaiian style white wedding gown, call a “holoku” is gorgeous.  Your groom can wear a traditional white wedding shirt and white shorts or slacks.  This style is very informal, but very beautiful.

It’s lots of fun for the wedding party and guests to wear multi colored Hawaiian style shirts and sun dresses. The bright colors look the best!  You might even choose grass hula skirts for the bridesmaids.  They could also wear the traditional lei and haku.  Bare feet go perfect with this theme.

For your music, you might even want to use Elvis Presley’s version of “Hawaiian Wedding Song”.  If you haven’t heard the song, check itunes.  The song is a Hawaiian wedding tradition.


Beach Party

The beach party theme is completely informal, inexpensive, and relatively stress free.  A sundress for you and shorts with a pastel shirt for him.  How easy can it get?

For the reception, just use colorful beach towels or beach blankets spread in the sand along with sand pails and sand tools.  The kids will love this and the adults will too!  You can ask your guests to dress for the beach and BYOB (bring your own bathing suit)!  

Have a beach barbeque and set up a tent with beach chairs available.  You might want music, but instead of dancing, you could have a beach volleyball game or a sand castle or sculpting contest.  Just let everyone have fun!



A Caribbean style beach wedding theme is festive and joyous!  Choose a traditional white rayon crepe wedding sarong.  Your “mon” could wear a similar white wedding shirt.  Floral parasols are also a great touch to add to this theme.  No shoes required!

Most Caribbean receptions last well into the night, while you and your “mon” are sipping rum punch and dancing to the sound of a steel drum band.  Have your band play Calypso and Reggae music.  It’s definitely time to party with a limbo contest or a conga line dance!  Light the beach with bamboo torches!  Let’s get this party started!



A fantasy beach wedding theme is exactly what the name says.  Anything you wish!

  • Why not be Cinderella with your Prince Charming?  The Prince could place a mock “glass slipper” on your foot as a symbol of your perfect union.  You might even want to hire a professional sand sculptor to build a sand castle as a background for your fairytale theme. And of course, you’ll want to leave with your Prince in a horse drawn carriage.


  • Have you dreamed of a Pirate Wedding theme?  Many party and rental stores offer costumes and decorations such as treasure chests with fake gold coins and jewelry.   You could also have a real treasure hunt. Leaving on a boat would also be fun.


  • An “I Dream of Jeannie” beach wedding theme would be lots of fun, as well.   You could decorate with colorful bottles stuck in the sand like the one Jeannie was found in.  At the end of the reception, disappear in a cloud of smoke!


And More

  • Butterflies – Use shades of orange and yellow among the flowers in your tiara, your bouquet, and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. For the groom and groomsmen, use butterfly boutonnieres.  Try a butterfly release!


  • Sunflowers – A very cheerful flower and oh so colorful!


  • Fishing – Fishing gear and old hooks can be used as decorations.


  • Golfing – Are you or your fiancé an avid golfer?  Get married on a favorite golf course. Easy decorating!  It would be fun to put a “just married sign” on the back of the golf cart when you leave.


  • Surfing – Think surf boards and Beach music.


  • Diving – Purchase toy masks, snorkels, and flippers for decorations.


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