Small Intimate Weddings | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Elopements are all about small intimate weddings.  An elopement can be anything from running off together to get married in secret, to planning a small ceremony away from home.  More and more couples are choosing to elope due to the privacy and romance of it all.

Wedding or elopement options range from simple elopement ceremonies or weddings to a much larger guest list. Destination weddings can be held anywhere from a resort location to the next town over.

Elopement packages are relatively inexpensive ceremonies that focus on the couple. For this reason, couples feel a sense of intimacy, romance, and spirituality.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely working for lots of folks.

The couples that use my elopement services are looking for something more than a civil ceremony at the county courthouse. Elopements have always been a more intimate and meaningful way for couples to marry, but besides that, it is both traditional and low stress.  It can also be very attractive to the wallet.

On Georgia’s golden isles, you will find St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island, the perfect wedding or elopement destination location.  You and your fiance’ can enjoy a wedding elopement that is small and affordable on the picturesque beaches or under the massive live oaks with their hanging Spanish moss.  


St. Simons Elopements offers inexpensive elopement packages for the couple, or for the couple and their guests.  A basic elopement package offers a personalized ceremony, a minister, professional photographer, and flowers for less than $750.  Other add ons are available and you may customize your own package.  Whatever you want….we can get it for you!

The average cost of a wedding in the US is $25,000 to $30,000 and along with the endless stress of planning a wedding, it’s almost enough to call the whole thing off!  The time and money needed to plan a big wedding is usually more than couples are willing or maybe able to do.  For these reasons, eloping has become an increasingly attractive option for couples.

One of the best reasons to choose a small elopement or wedding is that it eliminates the back and forth discussions over whom to invite and where Aunt Betty needs to sit.  Usually couples that are looking for a quick wedding are looking for something a little different from the ordinary church wedding and elopement packages are relatively stress-free. Everything is arranged around the couple and their personal choices……all you do is show up and begin your honeymoon!  It’s all about YOU!

For more information on how to elope to St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island, Georgia, please visit my website at

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Or give me a call at 912-638-8706.


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