Victorian Theme Wedding | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

The Victorian wedding theme is all about garden parties, tea parties, lace doilies, cherub birdbaths, cast iron benches, finger foods, mismatched teacups, and silver teaspoons.  Just imagine the long ago upper class ballrooms filled with chandeliers and their crystals and fringe hanging.  Imagine lamps and candlesticks.  There’s a piano player and a string quartet playing the likes of Mozart and Chopin.  Enormous ferns are overflowing their stands.

Victorian themed wedding invitations are engraved on formal white or ivory stock.  Placing dried rose petals inside the envelopes is a nice touch, as well. 

For your color scheme, you will want to stick with white, ivory, ecru, pale pink, rose, pale blue, or gold.

And venues?  Choose a beautiful garden….if possible, an English garden or a rose garden.  A mansion is also an excellent choice for this theme. 


Take a look at these other suggestions for your Victorian themed wedding:

  • Wedding gown: Usually a high necked wedding dress with Battenburg lace, accessorized with white gloves, high button up or lace up white wedding boots, a large hat with a veil or an orange blossom wreath.  And here’s your chance to wear a diamond or pearl tiara.


  • Bridesmaid dresses: High necked dresses in pale pink, rose, or pale blue worn with white gloves and hats.


  • Groom’s Attire: A cutaway tuxedo and a top hat with an ascot and a ruffled shirt.


  • Groomsmen’s Attire: Ascots with vests and top hats.

  • Ring Bearer: Your ring bearer should carry an authentic, heart-shaped Victorian pillow.


  • Bride’s bouquet: The bride should carry old fashioned roses in white, pale pink, pansies, violets, orange blossoms, babies breath, jasmine, lilies, and magnolia blossoms.


  • Bridesmaid Bouquets: Your bridesmaids will love carrying tussy mussys with small flower bouquets in them.  Lace fans and parasols are also a nice touch.


  • Wedding Cake: Victorian wedding cakes usually have swags and bows. 


  • Catering: You absolutely must have tea!  Food ideas are quiche, scones, finger sandwiches, English tea cakes, and jams.


  • Music: Choose Classical music, such as a Harpist for your ceremony and a string quartet during dinner.  The violin and piano are also very good choices.


  • Wedding decor: lots of lace, bows on chair backs, lots of flowers and candles, rose petals on tables; potted ferns and palms, doilies, candelabras, chandeliers


And a few more:

Wedding favors: lace fans, silver frames, teacups filled with candies or Jordan almonds, cameo chocolates, or Jordan almonds with blue ribbons.

Attendant Gifts: ornate silver picture frames, cameos, pocket watches, lace fans, or tea sets.

Photography: You’ll want B&W or sepia toned. 

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