Wedding Reception Food – Ooh, It’s So Good!

Wedding guests love reception food!  Here are several wedding reception food ideas that your guests will rave over.


If you’re on a tight budget, then a brunch wedding reception is for you!  Have a good old fashioned breakfast bar, with hot eggs, bacon, ham, or sausage.  Hash browns, grits, biscuits, toast, and coffee.  You’ll also want to offer honey buns, donuts, muffins, and of course, wedding cake!  Be sure you have lots of different jellies and jams, along with shredded cheese for toppings.



For a lunchtime reception, you need to serve something heavier than breakfast, but lighter than dinner. Try pastas and assorted salads, with cheeses, meats, cold veggies, pickles, and fruits.  Salad plates are a perfect idea for a noon time reception.



A dinner reception requires a much larger budget.  Your guests will be seated and served a full course meal, which you have previously chosen.  If you can’t afford at least a 5 year old wine then you might consider serving cocktails instead.



No one enjoys waiting in line to reach the buffet table….so it’s a good idea to have two accesses to the buffet table.  You might even consider setting up an additional buffet table to make sure lines are moving.  Some couples hire jugglers or other entertainment for those waiting in line.  You may need to make sure the elderly and handicapped are served at their table.  It’s also an excellent idea to have different food stations around the reception room.



If you’re thinking of having a multiple-course meal for your reception, make sure that your guests RSVP before a specified time about their preferences. This will allow time to have the exact number of dishes prepared as well as special diet requests.

Whatever you decide, it will be perfect!

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