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Are you totally overwhelmed with the thought of planning a wedding on a tight budget?  Many couples are turning to an elopement rather than have all the pressure that planning a wedding can be.  They want to enjoy the romance of the elopement ceremony and forget about the worries and responsibilities of a costly wedding.  If you’ve thought of eloping, below are a few things you’ll want to know before you take the big step.


Eloping Etiquette

The decision to elope is usually a spur of the moment thing and it’s easy to forget to let your family and friends know what’s going on.  This can lead to hurt feelings, which is not the intent at all.  You don’t have to invite any guests to your elopement, but be sure and let your parents, family, or close friends know your plans, either before or immediately after you return home.  That’s part of the fun and freedom of eloping. Once you return home from your elopement, you may want to send out wedding announcements.  You may even want to include a picture of the two of you from your wedding day.


Your Budget

You may be working with a very small budget and should consider going to the local courthouse.  Some couples opt for an elopement package on a romantic weekend getaway to a favorite resort.  You can choose many amenities or just a few to complete your customized elopement package. 



One of the best things about an elopement is that you can elope almost anywhere! That’s what makes it wonderful!  If you really love the party, fly to Vegas.   Or if a beach wedding is your idea of romance, check out the coast of Georgia for an oceanfront ceremony.  Like the snow?  A mountainside wedding with snow on the ground could be for you.  So many options to choose from.


Your Elopement Attire

Beach elopements are much more casual than a church ceremony.  You’ll want to wear a sundress, or a white cocktail dress, something light and flowing.  The groom should dress in light colors, as well. Remember to check the weather of the location you have chosen for your ceremony.  Courthouse elopements or weddings are much more flexible for a ‘come as you are’ ceremony.


Your Reception

Even though you may have chosen to elope, you can still have a traditional wedding reception.  You may also wear your dress again, have a wedding cake, and create a bridal registry.  Time is of the essence and should take place within the next few weeks after your elopement. 


Your Marriage License

Eloping is very romantic…..but you’ll need to remember the legal aspect, too.  You’ll need a marriage license, and requirements may vary depending on the city, state and country.  Be sure to call the Probate Court ahead of time to see what you need to bring with you when you purchase your marriage license.  Also, make a note of the hours the court is open or if you need to make an appointment. 

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