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One of the most important parts of a wedding is the wedding cake.  In fact, it could be considered as important as the bridal gown itself.  It is a very important part of the reception and represents much more than just a dessert.  A wedding cake is most often the centerpiece of your wedding reception.  


Tall Wedding Cakes

This year has brought the trend of towering, taller wedding cakes.  The number tiers have increased to five to seven tiers.  If you are planning a wedding reception, your best choice is a five to seven layered cake.  If your budget can’t handle a five to seven layer cake, you can always go for fake layers, too!  I’ll never tell!


Fondant Over Butter Cream Wedding Cakes

Couples are choosing butter creams because it is cost effective and delicious, as well.  Fondant is used in cake frostings because it gives the cake a very beautiful look, whereas butter cream tends to melt fast and doesn’t give the smoothness to the cake.  A layer of fondant over butter cream is both elegant and delicious!


Dramatic Color Wedding Cakes

Dramatic colors can be seen in wedding cakes, too.  Lots of green, blues, and even orange colored wedding cakes are in this year.  The traditional white wedding cake and the black and white themed wedding cake will also be seen this year.


Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

Monogrammed wedding cakes give a stylish and individual signature style to your wedding.  It gives your wedding a classic look and oh so trendy!


Painted Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes decorated from the work of an artist is very much the trend.  Both tasty and beautiful!


Tiered Wedding Cakes with Baubles

All the layers of the wedding cake are adorned with baubles in gold, white, pink, or any other colors depending on the wedding theme.  Very beautiful at Christmas time.  


Something Blue Wedding Cakes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!  Your wedding cake can be your something blue.  Ice blue, aqua blue, or any subtle hue of blue color wedding cakes are in for 2010.


Matched With Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding Cakes

Matching the cake with the bridesmaid dresses is one of the hottest trends for 2010.  Make sure your baker has a swatch of the dresses to make the match.


Fresh Fruit Topped Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes filled with fresh fruits such as strawberries, black berries, peaches, mangoes and others is both beautiful and delicious!  Embellish the wedding cake with these for a beautiful brunch reception.


Fondant Ruffles Wedding Cakes
Ruffles in your wedding gown?  You may also choose ruffles in your wedding cake!  Go for a tiered wedding cake adorned with ruffles, laces, and rosettes!

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