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Most girl’s and their mom’s love all the details surrounding the planning of a wedding. i.e. shopping for your wedding gown, choosing wedding favors, wedding cake tasting, choosing invitations.  There are a few details that might not merit as much fun though…and purchasing your marriage license is probably one of them.


Purchasing your marriage license doesn’t have to be stressful, as long as you prepare ahead of time.  It’s important that you know the requirements for the area you live in, because many states and counties may vary.


Be sure and find out if there is a waiting period after submitting your marriage license application.  You will also want to know if pre-marital counseling is required or if you will receive a discount if you take the course.  Most marriage licenses do not have an expiration date, but you should ask to be sure.  There may also be restrictions on where your marriage license is valid.  If you live within the state of Georgia, and are planning to marry within the state, you may purchase your marriage license from any county within the state.  However, if you are planning to be married in the state of Georgia and you live outside of Georgia, you must purchase your marriage license in the Georgia county in which your ceremony will be taking place. 


It is required that both of you be present to purchase your marriage license.   You will need to bring your photo ID or driver’s license, your social security number, filed stamped copy of your final divorce decree for your most recent previous marriage, or the certified copy of the death certificate for the former deceased spouse.  Some Georgia counties will allow you to complete your marriage application online.   You can complete the form and bring it with you to the Probate Court office along with all other required documentation to make the application process easier and quicker, as well as making your payment online.


You must indicate on the application the legal surname that you will be using after you marry.  You may choose your given surname, or as changed by order of the Superior Court, the surname from a previous marriage, the spouse’s surname, or a combination of the spouse’s surname and the applicant’s given or changed surname or the surname from a previous marriage.


The cost of the marriage license application fee may also vary from county to county.  Most states have repealed the laws that required couples to get a blood test to apply for a marriage license.


Be sure to bring everything with you to the Clerk’s Office that may be required.   Also, for weddings taking place outside of the United States, the requirements might be different.  Find out who handles weddings in the country you are getting married in. Getting a marriage license in some countries can take weeks or even months because of paperwork, and may be very time consuming. The documents you will need may be very different from those required in the U.S.

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