Come Rain or Shine | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

It is said that to have rain on your wedding day is lucky, although most brides would prefer a dry day over a lucky one!


There is always a chance that rain could fall on your wedding day, and if you are planning an outdoor wedding, it’s best to plan ahead for inclement weather.  Be sure and check  online or on TV.  You might also check  for the driest times of the year for the city you are planning to be married in.  You’ll want to be prepared with a shelter or a backup location if the weather forces you to move the ceremony inside. For weddings in tents, a floor is needed to avoid having your reception in mud.


If you are having an indoor wedding, the rain won’t be a big problem.  Just be sure you have plenty of big golf umbrellas to offer your guests. You may also want to get dressed at the church or ceremony location to avoid having to get out in wet rainy weather.  Just get yourself completely ready, all except for your wedding gown before you leave.  You should have on any special wedding jewelry, fancy undergarments, and everything but your wedding gown and shoes….and of course your hair and makeup will already be completed by this time.  To be extra cautious, put double plastic covers over your wedding gown to make sure it stays dry, then put it on when you get to the church or ceremony location. If it just isn’t feasible to change into your wedding gown at your ceremony site, then just go ahead and get dressed at home and change into your bridal shoes as soon as you get to the location.  No one wants to squish their way down the aisle.


If it rains on your wedding day, the best thing to do is to smile and know that you will still be married at the end of the day.  No sense in ruining the day by having a bridezilla in the midst.  So just grin and bear it.


I recently performed an elopement ceremony on the beach on a very rain soaked afternoon.  Just about the time for the ceremony to begin, it began raining harder and harder!  It was a treacherous rain, along with lightning and thunder all around.  Then, the most amazing thing happened!  The rain suddenly stopped and the sky cleared.  The couple used a covered golf cart to transport themselves, their three children, the photographer, the sand ceremony containers and table, the bride’s bouquet, and me, out to the beach ceremony location.  The bride and groom exchanged their vows under a beautiful beam of sunset, which seemed like a lucky omen, indeed.  The bride was radiant with an inner bliss, as was her groom and their blended family.  One of the most romantic ceremonies I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of. 


So if rain is in the forecast for your wedding or elopement, just remember that rain on your wedding day is lucky and promises a happy marriage.


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