Always a Bridesmaid…Never a Bride…

Always a bridesmaid…never a bride?  Well, you might as well be the best bridesmaid out there, then!  Here are a few tips to be the best bridesmaid and help out the rest of the maids in their duties, as well.


Each bridesmaid is responsible for paying for her own bridesmaid dress and accessories.  If the bridesmaid dress that is chosen by the bride is beyond your budget, you should let the bride know.  Just let her know that you want to be a bridesmaid and you love the dress, but it’s just more than you can afford.  You might even offer to help find a less expensive dress, if that’s an option.  Do not ask the bride to pay for your dress, but do agree to bow out if you cannot afford the dress and accessories. 


Each bridesmaid should attend all pre-wedding events…i.e. parties, showers, cookouts, and most importantly, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  If you are unable to attend, send your regrets ASAP.


As a bridesmaid, you must pay for your own transportation to and from the wedding.  The bride and groom may have transportation arranged for the entire wedding party, and if so, you are expected to participate. 


If all the attendants in the wedding party have decided to purchase a group gift for the bride and groom, the bridesmaid is expected to contribute or give an individual gift.


Bridesmaids have specific duties to follow during the wedding.  Make sure you understand all instructions from the wedding planner in order to make the ceremony entrance come off without a hitch. 


Each bridesmaid should arrive for the wedding day events on time as instructed.  You are responsible for getting yourself ready from head to toe and no one is going to be making sure you are ready, except YOU.  A late bridesmaid can send a stressed out bride into a frenzy!  Don’t be late for anything!


It is the bridesmaid’s duty to assist the bride on her wedding day…..all day…anything she needs.  You should be completely ready for the wedding by the time the bride begins to get dressed.  Remember, you are the bride’s MAID.


Each bridesmaid is expected to make sure all the other guests at the wedding and the reception are comfortable and enjoying themselves.  Be attentive to the guests and make sure everyone is included in the reception events such as the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting, etc.  You may be needed to help older guests with seating or to assist young children with their plates.  Look for places to help out and you can be assured the bride and groom will be thankful to you for your attentiveness. 


It is a nice gesture for a bridesmaid to host, or group host a bridal shower, couple’s shower, or bachelorette party.  This is not a requirement, but is usually done and enjoyed by many.


I hope you will take your responsibility of being a bridesmaid seriously and follow these simple tips.  You will certainly add to the bride’s happiness on her wedding day. 

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