These Boots Are Made For Walking |St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Bride’s in cowboy boots!  Yee Hi!  There’s just something cool about a bride in cowboy boots!  Maybe it’s because traditionally, we are accustomed to seeing a bride with a white or ivory wedding gown and matching heels…..and to see a bride raise her dress to cowboy boots underneath, is just too cool for words.  Cowboy boots on a bride says something special about the girl who chooses to wear them.   It truly shows off who they are….and I love that!


So if you are an upcoming bride contemplating those high heels or satin flats to match your wedding gown, then that’s okay, too.  But….why not make a statement and skip those high-heels?  You’re a rebel…..go for those cowboy boots!


There are oodles of different styles to choose from, and you can even pick a colored pair of boots to make an even bigger statement.  How about bright red cowboy boots with your wedding dress?  I absolutely love red patent leather boots or red goat boots.  If that’s too much of a statement, you could try a more traditional look such as brown boots with more of a contemporary style, but with a Western look.  Most boots today are quite comfortable and many go with just about anything in your wardrobe!


Just do it….You know you want to!

A big THANK YOU to bride, Denise Risner Jones for the inspiration!  You were beautiful in your wedding gown and boots!

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