Wedding Favor Etiquette | Jekyll Island Wedding Planner

Did you know there is wedding etiquette for your wedding favors?  Your wedding favors are very important, since they are your unspoken thank you and appreciation to your guests for attending your wedding. 


When choosing your wedding favors, remember that the wedding favors should reflect the theme of your wedding. Consider the cost as well as the number of the guests invited and remember that a wedding favor should be provided for all of the guests.  If the wedding favor you have chosen is outside your wedding favor budget, you may need to select a less expensive favor to make sure every person in attendance receives a wedding favor from you.  It is of the utmost importance that all of your guests receive a favor as your thank you to them.   In addition, you will also want to purchase extra favors in case some are damaged or broken.  Never, never, never give a broken or damaged favor to one of your guests or expect your guests to share a favor.


When choosing your wedding favors, make sure the favor is not gender specific.  Also, diversifying your favors selection is a great way to increase the chance that guests will receive something they like.  Chances are that if you like the favor yourself, that your guests will like it too.  Let the favor reflect your personality as a couple and show your guests your gratitude.


Favors that lend a flair to the area are always popular.  You might consider shell ornaments, from a destination location.  Your name’s and wedding date can be inscribed on the reverse side.


It is also important to plan the way you want your favors distributed.  It is a good idea to have a designated place or table near the door where all the wedding favors will be placed.  The guests may receive their wedding favor as they are leaving the reception and that will ensure that everyone receives a wedding favor. 


Make sure your wedding favor idea is well thought out.  Even if the favor is inexpensive, your guests will appreciate the fact that you took great efforts to choose a favor that is well liked.  Be creative….let your personality show!  The most important thing about wedding favor etiquette, is that you convey to your guests your heartfelt appreciation and thanks for their participation in the most significant day of your life. 

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