To Have And To Hold | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Your wedding vows are the most important promises you will make to each other.  Most couples never remember anything about their vows when said before an assemblance of their close friends and relatives, due to nerves.  It’s good to have a copy of your vows to keep forever and to remember at each anniversary of your wedding day. 

It’s also good to plan ahead, in your own mind, the steps taken before and during your vows.   

When the bride approaches the altar on the left arm of her father or significant person giving her away, the father will remain there until the time comes that the officiant asks, who gives this woman to be married to this man?  After the answer is spoken by the father, he shall kiss his daughter and place her hands into the hands of the groom.  He shall then be seated.


The bride should give her bouquet to the maid of honor which should be standing on her left and the bride and groom should hold hands and face each other.  This enables the guests to be able to see their faces and see them say their vows to each other.  There is no need for the bride and groom to watch the officiant at all.  The bride and groom should keep their eyes affixed on each other and speak only to them.  This should be done thoughout the entire ceremony, so that there is continuous contact between them. This is a way of support and comfort for each other.  


These are your marriage vows between the two of you.  Listen and concentrate on each word as you speak your vows to each other.  Your vows are meant for a lifetime, so let nothing else enter your mind at this moment except your vows to your life mate.  You are vowing “till death us do part”. 


When you are facing each other and saying your vows before God and your witnesses, it is normal to become emotional.  Emotions are very high on your wedding day and tears may easily flow.  If you find yourself a bit fragile with tears, you might try looking at their forehead or cheek or ear, rather than directly into their eyes.   Everything will go fine and you will be married in the end.  As far as anyone else can see, you are looking directly into the eyes of the love of your life!

Be sure to speak your vows clearly so that you have conviction in your voice.  No one should doubt a single word of your vows.  Say them as you truly mean them.  The officiant will guide you through each step, so don’t worry that you need to remember anything. 

When you are finally pronounced husband and wife and it’s time for the “wedding kiss”, you will want to kiss lovingly, but not a big ole swooping down, tongue wagging, sloppy kiss.  None of your guests came for that, I promise.  Your wedding kiss should be something out of a magazine or movie….afterall, the photographer is there shooting that kiss to be remembered always.  Go in for your kiss with heads slightly tilted and just before your lips meet, pause a half of a second and then kiss. 


You are now married to the love of your life!  How special is that?

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