Love or Lust? | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Have you had that unexplainable sudden physical attraction to someone?  Did it hit like a ton of bricks within minutes of meeting the other person?
Sometimes this feeling is mistaken for “love at first sight”, but guess what….it’s nothing more than an intense physical attraction, or lust, for the other person.   Falling in lust feels just like love since it is so intense, and it may feel like it is pre-destined.  You may have been strangers but in your mind the other person has now become a fantasy.  They are a rockstar to you!  You probably have never seen the other person for who they are because you are on cloud nine and can only see them through rose colored glasses. 
Yes, love is blind…..but lust will render you stupid!  When people are in lust, the physical attraction is so overwhelming, they cannot keep their hands off of each other.  Their mind is thinking and their lips are talking about the other person constantly.   Most people in lust do not see that lust is only on the surface, but the difference between love and lust is as different as night and day. 
In lust, you are totally in the dark about the other person and can see no wrong in anything about them.  If you begin to spend more time with the other person, eventually, you will see them more clearly and get back to reality. Until you can know the other person better and realize their flaws, you won’t really knows if it’s true love or not. 
When relationships are brand new and exciting, lust reigns high on the chart.  It’s not until later when you really get to know the other person that people will realize that they may not really like the person that they were so intensely attracted to.  The relationship usually ends and leaves people wondering what the hell happened?  Where did the love go that was so intense in the beginning? 
Physical attraction is very important in a romantic relationship, but true love is more than a physical attraction.  Really loving another person takes time and cannot be just physical attraction by itself.  You have to know someone very well to truly fall in love….otherwise, it’s just lust.


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