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There are a few people that can ruin a wedding…..and they just might be some of the ones you invited!!!

The Know-It-All Friend

Do you have a relative or friend that knows everything?  They’ve been married and have numerous wedding magazine subscriptions with all the wedding advice you could ever need?  Do they know what color you should wear, what shops to register at, what china you need?  Before you explode from the aggravation and possibly have an argument, try to assign her specific tasks to keep her busy with something else.  Let her do the favors or call the vendors to confirm orders.   


The Nervous Bridesmaid

Do you have a bridesmaid that just doesn’t want to wear the dress you have chosen?  Maybe she is a little shy or nervous about wearing something that is a tad revealing or a bright color?  Don’t worry!  Never insist that your bridesmaids wear something they are not comfortable in.  Today’s bridesmaids often wear the same color, but different styles of dresses.  Others wear the same style dress, but different colors.  If a strapless dress feels too revealing, she may like a wrap, or bolero jacket to be added to complement the dress.



The Children Must Come Too Guest

You may have chosen not to invite kids to your wedding, and later find out that some of your best friends and relatives cannot attend unless their children attend.  Offer to hire a babysitter and even have some fun snacks and games for the kids, if necessary.  Most guests will offer to help by chipping in to help pay for the extra expense.  The cost of a babysitter will be well worth avoiding a possible argument with new family members.


The Self Appointed Guest Inviter

Have you seen the wedding guest that has taken it upon themselves to invite other guests?  It can happen!  Make sure your invited guests know that you are having a very small intimate wedding with close friends and family only.  Nip this problem in the bud before it gets started!


The Eager Wedding Guest

Some of your wedding guests may want to help.  That’s wonderful, but…let them know you have it all taken care of.  Otherwise, the extra help could be more of a problem than a blessing.  Tell the eager beavers that you will let them know if you need anything and thank them for the offer.

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2 thoughts on “The Wedding Crashers | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

  1. Hi Amanda and John! I had so much fun meeting with both of you and listening to your fun stories! Your day will be here before you know it and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Thank you!

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