A Dream Wedding Elopement | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

What could be more romantic than a wedding on the beach? The sand, the surf, the sunrise or the sun setting over the beach, the sound of seagulls and the waves lapping on the shore…it seems fairy tale perfect  . . .  a dream wedding.

“St. Simons Elopements” will oversee the details and help you create an exquisite wedding elopement for two, filled with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Since you’ll be on the beach, you’ll want to give your wedding attire careful consideration.  Sand, salt water and wind are everywhere and will usually end up on your clothes.


If you’re interested in an elaborate designer wedding dress, you may opt to get married on dry land.  Beach wedding dresses are usually more informal, whereas a heavy wedding gown with a train might be uncomfortable on a hot day.  In addition, the wind will surely take it’s toll on a long train and veil.

Most brides who choose a beach wedding usually choose a pretty hair accessory instead of a veil. Also, rather than those high heeled pumps, opt for flat shoes or no shoes at all.  Bare feet or sandals are very popular for both the bride and groom.

 Depending on how casual or formal the wedding is, men can wear anything from a linen suit to a colorful beach shirt.

Weather is a major consideration for planning a beach wedding.  Not only do we have to consider hot summer weather, but there should always be a contingency plan in place in case of rain. If you are having a wedding reception, that location may provide a dry spot for a ceremony in the event of extreme weather.

Something else to keep in mind when getting married on the beach and is other beach goers. If you schedule your wedding for a summer weekend, you could possibly be sharing the beach with sun worshipers and body surfers. A sunrise ceremony is a good recommendation.
Before you schedule a time for your elopement, don’t forget to check with a tide table. It would be terrible to be saying your vows at the foot of the surf, and all of a sudden the tide washes in over your feet.  Avoid getting soaked by scheduling your wedding during low tide.

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