If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

There are wedding planning companies popping up everywhere these days and hiring a wedding coordinator or planner is now considered a necessity by most brides, rather than a luxury.  No matter what level of planning you need, there is a planner that offers exactly what you are looking for. 


The trend is saving money wherever possible, including opting for an elopement at a destination location rather than an extravagant event at home for family and friends. 

Step right up…..we have a wedding destination package just for you!  And ….for almost nothing down, you can have……. EVERYTHING! …….Everything???


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Destination weddings are perfect for so many couples to have the wedding of their dreams!  Many couples elope to save money and have an intimate, romantic ceremony in a beautiful location and St. Simons Elopements, along with several other very good planners in this area can give you just that. 

Wedding planners and coordinators have a good networking relationship with each other here in Coastal Georgia, and maybe that’s because there are plenty of weddings to keep us all busy!  Which is why I was not at all surprised when I received a phone call on Saturday afternoon from a guy saying another local wedding coordinator had given him my name.

The couple had purchased a wedding package from another company for a beach wedding on St. Simons Island.  Their families had all arrived on the island on Thursday looking forward to their beach wedding on Friday at sunset.  Everything was going to be beautiful….the bride, the groom, the flower girl, the ring bearer, the best man, the bridesmaid.  Everyone was so excited and ready for the beachside wedding they had dreamed of…..the one they purchased.

All except…..the wedding planner was not returning their phone calls.  Friday afternoon came and they finally received a call, but it was an apology for the misunderstanding of dates and the planner assured the couple their wedding could take place on Saturday instead.  Although, this was not the original plan, the couple really had no choice, so they agreed to Saturday.  By 1pm on Saturday, they still had no word from the wedding planner and their phone calls remained unanswered.  It was a no show! 

That’s when the groom started calling everywhere he could, to find someone….anyone that could help them.  His calls began at the A.W. Jones Heritage Center with Michelle, who referred him to Heather Marshall, a local “day of” coordinator, who then referred him to me.  I am a wedding coordinator, as well as a wedding officiant….so YES, of course I would help them!   I rearranged the rest of my Saturday, rescued my husband from his yard work, and we met the couple and their family at the lighthouse for their much awaited beach wedding. 


My husband played photographer while I performed their beach ceremony and then I stepped out of my black robe and took over the camera for about an hour.  I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I dabble a little here and there, so the couple was happy.


Heather Marshall, the wedding coordinator that had referred the couple to me decided to come to the beach elopement and meet the couple while we were there.  They were so appreciative of her and so was I.  Heather and I have made it our mission to find out about this wedding planning company that scammed a bride and groom with the promise of a beachside wedding on St. Simons Island!  It seems the company is not even from the area and is located at least 2 hours away.


You may be thinking wedding planning is expensive, and you’re right.  A good wedding coordinator is expensive and exclusive.  This is probably the most important day of your life….don’t entrust it to just anyone. 


 Just another happy couple and family, thanks to the teamwork of several St. Simons Island wedding planners!  And…..I think that means…………. WE ROCK!

Tips on choosing a wedding coordinator or planner:

  • Select a coordinator or planner with whom you have a good rapport. In the end, the relationship is all about trust.
  • Ask friends or relatives who have recently been married for referrals, or check with other wedding vendors, such as photographers, florists, caterers, DJ’s, etc.
  • Always sign a written contract stating when and how much you will pay for the services you want and what the arrangement will be if the wedding is called off.
  • Make sure your wedding coordinator or planner has a website with pertinent information such as pictures of previous weddings, references, and reviews.
  • Select a wedding planner or coordinator that is local to the area you are marrying in.  Her knowledge of the area is priceless.
  • Anyone you hire should have business cards or other evidence of legitimate business operations.
  • Trust your instincts. Don’t hire someone you have a bad feeling about.

Visit my website at http://www.stsimonselopements.com


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