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TITLE:  A Valentine’s Day Wedding

CATEGORY:  Wedding Themes

Valentine’s Day is a perfect wedding theme that will ensure romantic memories for you and your wedding guests for years to come!   February 14th is undoubtedly an amazing day to have a wedding, but even if your wedding can’t be held on Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day theme. Love is the symbolism for Valentine’s Day and there are amazing wedding ideas to take your day to a whole new level.


The best locations for a Valentine’s Day wedding are relatively easy to find.  Consider an outdoor wedding in a park or garden with a white arbor adorned in flowers.  Also a small romantic chapel or church is perfect as long as it is decorated with romance in mind. A white interior with a lot of natural lighting coming in through windows and behind the altar make this theme the most romantic of all.


A Valentine’s Day theme is also very easy to decorate for.  Red, white, and pink roses are definitely the way to go for your flowers. Lots of ribbon and bows in those same colors will add that extra romance to all the bouquets and floral arrangements.  A bridal bouquet of all red roses or all pink roses is unbelievably gorgeous as well as romantic.  And of course you’ll want to add lots and lots of hearts to decorate both the ceremony and reception. 


For your wedding gown, the most romantic way to go is with a traditional white gown.  If you feel a little more fashionable, try a pink or red gown….it’s all up to you!  The groom at a Valentine’s Day wedding is usually dressed in all white or all black tuxedo or suit.  His boutonniere looks best as a pink or red rose in the lapel of his jacket. 


So there you are!  I hope this has given you lots of inspiration for planning a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day wedding.

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