Autumn or Fall Wedding Theme | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner





Your wedding is one of the most memorable and momentous events of your life.  Lots of decisions have to be made to make sure your wedding is the most romantic and joyous as possible for both of you.  Everything has to be taken into account, from the wedding theme to the wedding party, to the wedding gown.  Sometimes we forget that the weather should always be considered as it could possibly change everything.  If you have chosen an Autumn or Fall (October or November) wedding date, you must always consider the weather. 


October or November wedding dates can usually be outdoors or in a natural setting.  For instance, a garden, park, or beach wedding is possible, depending on the geographic location of your wedding.  You may also choose to have a covered canopy or tent and install outdoor heaters, if the weather turns cold.  If your date is in the later part of November or early December, you may still be able to have it outdoors, but always have a Plan B, in case of a cold weather snap.  It may be wise to have your wedding indoors if your geographic location is frequently hit with cold weather during this time.



The vibrant fall colors of November are beautiful for an Autumn or Fall wedding theme.  The selection of bright colors for this time of year is full of burnt oranges, reds, browns, tans, yellows, golds, and many other warm hues.  A white wedding gown stands out beautifully among all of these colors, as well.  Dress your wedding party with these same vibrant colors in mind using matching colors in their bouquets.

Centerpieces for your reception can be hollowed out pumpkins used to hold all kinds of fall colored flowers.  You can also use hand woven cornucopia centerpieces of flowers, gourds, candy, or fruit.  These are very beautiful and colorful and really add a touch of elegance to your wedding reception tables.    



And of course, your guests will love some of the wonderful tastes of fall, such as apple pies, apple fritters, and yummy pumpkin pies. Apple cider and wine would warm your guests, as well as plenty of coffee. With good food and drinks, you can’t go wrong, and your Autumn or Fall wedding theme will no doubt be an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone. 


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