Do-It-Yourself Wedding Reception Centerpieces | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner



The centerpieces at your wedding reception will always determine the mood and ambiance of your event. Whether you use a fun or casual décor or an elegant and chic décor, the wedding centerpieces will be the most important decoration at your reception.

Doing your own wedding reception centerpieces is an excellent way to save money on your budget. By keeping it very simple, you can have beautiful, elegant centerpieces that your guests will be in awe over.


An excellent do-it-yourself idea for silver flowers is to gather up branches, driftwood, leaves, pine cones, or other items that are native to your area. Spray the items with a metallic silver spray paint and arrange in the center of the tables. Then, add several tea lights and you have a gorgeous, shimmering centerpiece perfect for a Christmas or winter wedding. This looks unbelievably stunning against a black, red, green, or any dark colored tablecloth.

Another simple idea is to use assorted mason jars of different sizes.  Add a few flowers and you have very inexpensive centerpieces for all your tables.

And did you know….you don’t have to use flowers at all for your centerpieces?  Think about using unusual items such as peacock feathers, small sculptures, wooden carvings, glass vases full of beach sand or large rocks or shells. These items can be arranged very simply and you’ll save yourself lots of time, as well.  You’ll be surprised of the compliments you’ll receive by using a little imagination.

Centerpieces using candles are great for giving off romantic light and a warm ambiance to the room.  They can also be set-up ahead of time, to make it a little easier.  Food can also be used as a centerpiece and can be attractive as well as functional.  Many fruits, such as kiwis, melons, pomegranates, strawberries are easily arranged to be used as a centerpiece.  These fruits make a lovely spring or summer wedding centerpiece showing off all their bright colors.

Another great idea is to check out discount stores and garage sales for unusual and interesting looking vases. Several colorful vases in scattered arrangements around the room or on your tables are an interesting mix for centerpieces.   Drinking glasses can also be used to hold a single stem for a little different look.

If you decide to purchase your own fresh flowers and do-it-yourself, make sure you store them in the coldest room possible or in a cool but not freezing refrigerator.  A room with a window unit air conditioner that can be closed off, is ideal.  You will want to be sure and wear garden gloves and use scissors on this do-it-yourself project.  First, cut off all the leaves that would be underwater in your vases.  Then cut off about an inch off the bottoms of the stems so they will soak up some water.  It is also suggested that adding a teaspoon of Sprite or 7up will help keep the flowers fresh. Some people use a pinch of sugar and others use a crushed aspirin to extend the life of your flowers.


Now that you’ve made your plans as to how you want to go about your do-it-yourself centerpieces, remember to do a practice run at least a few weeks before the wedding to make sure it looks exactly the way you want.  Be sure and ask for help from your friends and family, if you feel it is becoming too much of a chore.   Use your creativity and a little help from your friends and you’ll have unique wedding reception centerpieces that your guests will be raving over!


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