A 5K Wedding | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner





You truly can have a wedding for under $5000 dollars.

To begin…..make a list of everything you think you will need to have the wedding your want.
1. Wedding Planner

2. Location

3. Wedding gown

4. Groom’s suit or tuxedo

5. Wedding party (bridesmaids & groomsmen)

6. Flowers

7. Reception Food

8. Music

9. Photography

10. Officiant

11. Transportation

12. Invitations, thank you notes, stamps

If you have a daytime job, it is virtually impossible to do all that is required to plan your wedding.  A wedding planner was once a luxury, but is now considered a necessity for brides.  You can hire a planner for 10% of your budget and she can save you way beyond what you are paying her.  She can keep everything on track for your wedding day as well as directing both the rehearsal and the ceremony.   Her knowledge of the wedding business and local vendors is invaluable, in terms of savings to you.


Now begin looking for a suitable location.  Think of friends or family members who may have a beautiful home and would consider letting you use the home lawn as for your wedding.  You could even offer $400 – $500 for an added incentive.


Next, trim the guest list to 50 people or less.  If you can trim that list, you can stay within your 5K budget.


Now, rent the wedding chairs for your guests, and a canopy for you and your fiance’ to say your vows under. 50 white resin chairs, an aisle runner, a wedding canopy, and 10 tables should not be over $500, rented or purchased at a discount store.


Find an affordable officiant on websites like wedding wire. 


After you choose the color theme for your wedding, the wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen) will be responsible for their own attire.  The only wedding attire costs you and your fiance’ should worry about is the wedding gown and the groom’s suit or tux. The groom can usually rent a tux for $99 and under. And as for the bride, you can find many beautiful gowns under $100 from bridal shops, eBay, and even Craigslist.  Be a savvy shopper!


Purchase your table linens, silk flowers for your table centerpieces, bouquets, invitations, thank you notes, and vases from a discount fabric, craft, or dollar store.  You will be amazed at the dollars you can save by doing this yourself.


Find a photographer who is a second shooter or someone who is in college studying photography.  Some professional photographers offer a discount if you are coming to them through a wedding planner. 


For your ceremony and reception music, just pre-record special songs that you have chosen from an ipod, computer, or CD player.  You can assign a guest or family member to play the music for the ceremony and the reception.


And for the reception food, you can find catering for 50 guests for $1000.  Just choose your foods wisely and don’t overdo anything.  For your wedding cake, choose a cake from the bakery at the grocery store.  Those cakes are beautiful, yummy, and much less expensive.  Some couples have opted to use a fake 3 layer cake with 1 real layer.  They cut only the real layer and it’s all good!


For transportation, it’s a good idea to find a friend with a fancy car.  Most people love an opportunity to show off an expensive or vintage vehicle, so think about cars that may be available for your use. 

And that’s it!  Your wedding for under $5000! 

You can now begin your married life without a huge wedding debt hanging over your head!    And that’s what I call….LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


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