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Okay, you’ve hired a photographer, you’ve found the wedding gown of your dreams, you’ve chosen the flowers that you love, and you’ve even decided on how you want to have your hair styled.  But what about your bridal accessories?  Here are a few ways to help you choose what is right for you and ensure you look marvelous on your wedding day!


If your hair is long, you will have more options with different hairstyles and wearing tiaras.  Up-styles usually call for a larger tiara to look best.


On the other hand, if your hair is short, think about a smaller, petite looking tiara that doesn’t need a lot of pinning to hold it in place.  Headband styles or tiaras with small combs look best with short hair. 


Believe it or not, hair color is something you don’t want to forget about.  Darker colored hair calls for hair accessories with crystals or fake diamonds.  A more solid tiara looks much nicer with lighter hair color.


Don’t forget that a tiara should draw attention to your face by framing it.  If you choose the wrong shape tiara it could make your face look too long and thin or too short and full.  Think about these tips: 

If your face is round or full, you’ll want to choose a tiara that will make your face appear longer.  The best choice is a tiara with some height or a peak.

Brides with a long face will want to choose headbands or tiaras with very little or no height that will go over the head from one side to the other.  This gives an illusion of a shorter face.

For an oval face, you should avoid tiaras that peak at the top.  Rather, you will do best by choosing a headband, side hair comb, or hair pins.


Most importantly, you should feel beautiful in your choice for your wedding day. 


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