Wedding Drama – St. Simons Island Wedding Planner




I’ll bet you already knew that planning a wedding brings out every possibility for drama within family and friends.  Wedding planning can bring out the absolute worst behavior from even the most congenial family members.  Whether it is family issues or bridesmaid issues, fortunately, there are solutions to handle even the toughest wedding drama. 


As you probably guessed, the most common wedding disagreement has to do with family.  Does his family keep adding more and more names to the guest list?   Before this gets out of control, talk to your fiancé’.  It all comes down to the fact that it is his family and his responsibility to communicate any of these concerns with them.  He will best know how to present this concern. 


Another problem might be your religious beliefs.  Each of you may come from different backgrounds and wedding traditions.  Make sure you sit down together and discuss what is expected of each other.  You will be glad you did this, as you will become closer as you find out so many things about each other.


Also, you might be having problems with your friends.  Are there any bridesmaids that he just doesn’t get along with?  What about the groomsmen…..are there any that just don’t seem to fit in?  In this scenario, just be supportive as possible.  Don’t make any demands that a certain person cannot be a member of your wedding party. Just make sure enough responsible family members are around to take care of anything left undone. 


Whenever any wedding issues come up, the best thing to do is to be completely honest and open with your fiancé’ about your concerns.  Also, be willing to give a little, yourself, in order to arrive at a solution that suits both of you.  If you go into it with this attitude, you can tackle any wedding drama that comes up!


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