The Wedding Bell Ringers | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner




I absolutely adore the custom of “Bell Ringers” or a “Bell Ringer” to announce the coming of the bride!  Bell Ringers are usually children or young adults that walk down the aisle in front of the wedding party or immediately before the bride or at the beginning of the processional.

Ringing wedding bells dates back to ancient times when ringing the wedding bells was thought to ward off evil spirits waiting to bring bad luck to the new couple.   


Sometimes, the guests are also given small bells to ring along with the Bell Ringers.  When the ceremony ends and the bride and groom kiss, the guests begin ringing their bells and continue to ring them while the bride and groom walk back up the aisle together as husband and wife. 


During the wedding reception, the guests encourage kisses between the bride and groom by ringing the bells.  This is why wedding bells are sometimes called kissing bells.  Ringing wedding bells is very practical and serves as an alternative to breaking glasses, yelling, or banging on tables in order to get the couple’s attention.  Your guests truly enjoy this custom.


This is such a fun tradition that will include all your guests and encourage everyone to participate.  The wedding bells offer an elegant way to celebrate your wedding reception.


You can even have your bells custom imprinted for great wedding favors. Wedding bells are an inexpensive way to provide wedding favors to your guests, and are such a delight!


To decorate your bells, try these tips:

  • Tie bows on the bells with lace or ribbon.
  • Use metallic ink pens that write on metal to write your names and date.
  • Hot glue gems or jewels to make it fancy.
  • Attach a short love poem or scripture.


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