My Eyes Adore You | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner




As a wedding planner and officiant, one of the highest privileges afforded to me is that of performing many wedding ceremonies and elopements.  I have the best seat in the house as I stand face to face with a radiant bride and groom to unite them in marriage.  I am an eyewitness and participant in one of the most momentous and sacred experiences of their life.  It is with overwhelming joy that I perform each and every wedding or elopement ceremony as vows of love are spoken.


I am most often in awe of the energy of love that radiates between a couple in love.  There is an aura that surrounds the couple as they focus on their love for each other.  Their love, or lack there of, is easily seen through their eyes.   


It’s all in the eyes.  Our eyes are said to be the windows of our souls and they are the first thing you notice about another person.  It’s true that the eyes can express what our soul feels.  I absolutely believe that our eyes are the most beautiful part of any being here on this earth.  


Although insects cannot communicate with humans, they can still express their emotion through their eyes.  Take for instance, if an insect is in danger, we can see the fear in their eyes.  Likewise, their eyes show a feeling of being free and careless when all is well. 


With the gift of speech being first, emotion is best expressed through our eyes. Our eyes express our feelings much better than anything else. What our mouths cannot say, our eyes will.


We should realize that if the mouth and eyes contradict each other, it is always seen that the eyes should be trusted first.  Our eyes will lay our soul out there completely naked before everyone, whereas our lips may speak entirely different words.   


If you know someone with narrow or un-expressive eyes, BEWARE!  This is the sign of a cold hearted person.  Likewise, someone that may shift their eyes from side to side characterizes something may be hidden from you.  Expressive eyes are found in those who are warm, friendly, and have a good heart.   Our eyes show our inner beauty and convey to others what kind of person we are.  One single glance can say everything about who we are.   


Always remember that your eyes will speak the language of your heart.  Emotions will always be better expressed with your eyes rather than your mouth.  Eyes can communicate the heart before any words are ever spoken. 


If beauty could ever be measured, our eyes will surely be the measuring device.


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