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Do you have a pet that is a regular member of the family?  Our pets are a big part of our lives and that’s why it’s not surprising that many couples include their much loved pet in their wedding day.   


Before you make a firm decision on whether to include your pet, make sure the ceremony and reception site you have chosen will accept pets.  Make sure you also run the idea by the Minister or Officiant who will be performing your ceremony.  Don’t forget that although you may not be allergic to animals, others very well could be.


If there are no restrictions regarding pets with your ceremony and reception site, and you want to include your 4 legged sweetheart, you’ll also want to okay it all with a responsible friend or family member.  Make sure you have at least two people that are accustomed to your pet and who are able to control them.  They should ideally love your pet as much as you do.  Your pet sitter will need to be willing to take care of your pet during the ceremony, putting the leash on or off and walking him outside whenever necessary.   You don’t want to be worried about your pet and want to feel that he is in good hands.  And most of all, be sure you show your gratitude to your pet sitter.  Even though your friend may love your pet, it is still a difficult job to pet sit during a wedding ceremony.


Another thing to remember is to make sure your wedding guests are completely comfortable with your pet joining in the ceremony and reception.  Talk to them beforehand to avoid any surprises, including the flower girl, ring bearer, and any other children attending your wedding.  It is very important to be aware if anyone is allergic or afraid of animals.


Next, decide what it is you want your pet to do in your wedding.  Be sure you take into account your pet’s personality and temperament.  For instance, if your pet is a cat, it might not be easy to keep him perfectly still among strangers.  Puppies may also be difficult to keep still, so keep this in mind when deciding what role you want them to play.


You could always prepare your pet for the big day by taking him to visit the site location several times prior to your wedding day.  If you can’t do that, you might try to take them to several other new places so that they become accustomed to different or new places and away from their normal routine. 


Some couples want their pet to wear a bow or ring pillow.  If this is what you have in mind, be sure you get him or her used to wearing these items.  And as always, reward them with a treat and praise them for their good work.  Make this a positive experience for your pet and it will turn out well for you too. 


Above all, be ready for unexpected situations.  Everyone with a pet knows that even if you have everything planned to the smallest detail, a pet involved can change it all. You should also be prepared for any little accidents and clean them up immediately.  If your pet is feeling uncomfortable at the ceremony or reception, be sure you have someone available to take your pet home.


If your pet is showing signs of discomfort and needs to go home, you might ask your photographer to get some photos of your pet with you and even include him in your wedding album.


Your wedding day is about you, but never forget that if you include your pet in your ceremony….he or she may very well steal the spotlight!


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