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It you are getting married for a second time, the big wedding is no longer a necessity.  The chances are you already had that big wedding the first time. A second wedding can still be a big deal, but it’s more about what you really want…meaning that you are probably older and wiser now and it’s more about your wants and needs, rather than what everyone else may be expecting.


Before you apply for your marriage license, make sure you are legally single.  You will have to provide your proof of divorce or the death certificate of a previous spouse.  There are other legalities as well, such as guardianship of your children, inheritance, and a name change.


If you are writing your own vows or are considering a ceremony that is non-religious, there are many options available to you.  On the other hand, if you want a religious ceremony, some churches may decline your request since this is a second marriage.  You may have to look elsewhere for a minister or officiant that you are comfortable with and who would be willing to perform your ceremony.


No matter what, don’t even consider re-creating your first wedding ceremony.  Your second wedding should be entirely different and reflect the person you are today.  You will want this ceremony to be all about your hopes and dreams as you begin your new life with your partner.  Above all, keep that first ceremony in the past, where it belongs.


You might decide to include your children in your second wedding ceremony.  Many couples do this by using a unity candle or a sand ceremony.  Sometimes, they have someone sing or recite a reading.  If the children are not coping well with the second marriage, it may be easier to just have them attend, rather than participate actively.


Although you are welcome to ask your father to walk you down the aisle a second time, it’s all up to you. Some second time brides ask their son or another favorite male relative.  You could even walk down the aisle alone or with your groom, if you so desire. 


The most important thing to remember is that your second wedding is just as important as the first. It should receive the same respect and excitement as any other.


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