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In today’s fast paced society where women work full time jobs and contribute to the income of their family, it has become a necessity rather than a luxury to hire a wedding planner to help plan your wedding day.  What exactly is a wedding planner?  She is a specialist who plans weddings, or assists in the planning of weddings, on a professional basis, plus a whole lot more!

A professional wedding planner has got connections with the best vendors in town and is tops in getting you the best value for your money.  She’s got plenty of imagination, and knows just where to find all of those special items to make your wedding day a dream come true. She knows what needs to be done and how to make it all happen. She’s organized, detailed, and a definite people person.  She is the bride’s advocate, adviser, counselor, and a shoulder to cry on, too.


If you ask anyone who has been involved in planning a wedding, they will tell you it’s a full time job.  Much to do, much to learn, and not nearly enough time to do it all.  Very few people, much less a young bride, have the experience in planning an event as large or important as a wedding.  There are so many details to arrange and organize, as well as many vendors and service providers to hire.  Then comes scheduling, budgeting, and managing time lines for everyone involved.  It’s so easy for oversights to happen or for things to go wrong.  Very few couples have the time outside of their normal day’s schedule to plan, manage, and carry out a wedding appropriately.  Sometimes, couples don’t realize this until it’s too late and parts of their dream wedding day has fallen short.


I read a survey recently that said 72% of recently married brides who did NOT hire a wedding planner for their wedding, said that if they had to do it all over again, they would have hired a wedding planner to help with the planning and would have at least hired a wedding planner for the wedding day, itself.  49% reported that if they could only change one thing about their wedding, they would have hired a wedding planner!


It is not uncommon at all for brides and grooms to literally run themselves ragged in the months leading up to the wedding. Even more couples will tell you that their wedding day was a complete blur because there was so much for them to take care of or to worry about that they didn’t feel they had enough time to relax and enjoy their day. A wedding planner can help with all of these situations by being there to take care of those tasks that are so time consuming.  She can make it so much easier for the bride and groom to enjoy their day and remember it as the best time of their life.


I understand that many brides enjoy the planning process and taking care of all the details from beginning to end.  Others would rather hand it off to someone else and tell them when to show up.  And then others want to do a little planning, but don’t want the entire burden.  For this reason, St. Simons Elopements offers many different wedding planning options. 

  1. Full Service Planning –
  • Complete planning and coordination of your wedding.
  • Initial consultation and advice.
  • Preparing a budget.
  • Preparing a schedule/timeline and checklists.
  • Assisting with selection and booking of ceremony and reception venues.
  • Assisting with selecting and booking an officiant for the wedding.
  • Assisting with recommendations on a color scheme, theme and style of the wedding.
  • Assisting with recommendations on design, printing and mailing out of the invitations.
  • Assisting with tracking RSVPs and who will be attending.
  • Assisting with recommendations of wedding attire and accessories.
  • Finding, negotiating with and booking suitable and preferred vendors (e.g. baker, caterer, florist, photographer, printer, videographer, musicians, etc.)
  • Reviewing vendors’ contracts and coordinating with vendors.
  • Providing information to obtain a marriage license.
  • Ceremony planning and directing.
  • Preparing wedding day itinerary.
  • Attending and overseeing the rehearsal.
  • Instructing attendants about their duties.
  • Directing the processionals, recessionals and receiving line.
  • Reception planning.
  • Coordinating the collection of gifts received on the wedding day.
  • Wedding day coordination.
  • Providing a stress-free day for the bride and groom.

2.  ‘Month Of’ Planning –

  • Contact all vendors before wedding day to confirm arrival times and services requested
  • Preparation of rehearsal and wedding day itinerary
  • Attending, overseeing, and directing the rehearsal, the ceremony, and reception (up to 10 hours)


3.   ‘Day Of’ Planning –

  • Consultation with bride and groom
  • Preparation of a rehearsal and wedding day itinerary.
  • Attendance and direction at the rehearsal.
  • Coordination with vendors to confirm arrangements for the wedding day.
  • Attending, overseeing, and directing the ceremony and reception.


4.   ‘Getting Started’ Planning –

  • Includes initial consultation and unlimited e-mails and phone calls.
  • Recommendations for all vendors needed to plan your own dream wedding right here in the Golden Isles.
  • Wedding time-line schedule and checklist
  • Checklist for the bride and groom
  • Weddng budget form
  • Guest list form
  • Wedding planning form


5.  A La Carte Vendor Recommendations –

  • A complete list of all the best wedding vendors in the St. Simons/Jekyll Island area.
  • List includes websites, names, phone numbers, and personal ratings.


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