Nothing To Show But This Brand New Tattoo | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Have you and your fiancé been tossing the idea around of getting matching tattoos to represent your marriage, rather than rings, or in addition to rings?  There are many tattoos that will represent your marriage in a unique and interesting way.  Some couples like the idea of getting each other’s names as a tattoo on each other’s body, although I am not comfortable in making that suggestion to anyone.  Your marriage may be perfect in every way, but in today’s world, nothing is ever guaranteed.   Now, if you were thinking of having your child’s name tattooed on yourself, then that’s totally different because your child will always be your child.  So I guess the question is, what kind of tattoo should a married couple get?


The first thing to do is to think of something that both of you really like.  For instance, if the woman loves red roses and the man loves his black Labrador retriever, then maybe you could get a black lab with a rose in his mouth.  Just use your imagination and think about things that both of you enjoy tremendously.  It could be a hobby or a sport…just be sure you choose something that you won’t regret later. 


I knew of a couple that wanted to get matching tattoos for the symbol of their love, but just could not decide on what to get.  She wanted to choose something she knew she would not regret just in case they ever separated at some point.  They agreed that they both loved the Georgia Bulldogs and so they decided on matching Dawg paw prints.  You can truly come up with something you love and will not regret, if you use your imagination and think outside the box. 


Even more ideas, if you still are not sure:

Animal Paw Prints – Dogs, cats, tigers, or any animals that your both enjoy would be a cute tattoo for a married couple.  Great places on your body to get your tattoo would be the back of your neck, your shoulder blade, your ankle, your abdomen, your butt cheek, or your breast. 


Hearts – Everyone loves hearts, although some men may not like a pink or red heart tattoo on them. If this is the case with your fiancé’, then take a look at some other colors that would be more masculine.  Some masculine colors for hearts would include blue, green, or black.  And what about a camouflage colored heart?


Birthstone – A very good way to represent your birthstone in a tattoo is by choosing something such as a sun tattoo and then has the birthstone color in the middle of the sun.  The sun stands for strength, power, and truth in your marriage.


Lips – Lots of people love the idea of lips as their marriage tattoo.  The woman usually gets hers on her breast, her abdomen, her butt cheek, or on her bikini area.  Most men decide to have theirs placed on their abdomen, butt cheek, or private area, as well.


Some other great tattoos for your marriage symbol are favorite words or quotes in a different language.  Soul mate, lover, eternal, forever, my love etc.  I also like matching puzzle pieces, matching stars, or music lyrics from a favorite love song.


Above all, whatever you and your fiancé decide upon, just be sure it is something you will not regret later and make sure you have your tattoo done by a reputable tattoo artist.


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