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The garter toss is a wedding tradition that is fun for the groom as well as all the eligible bachelors at the wedding reception.  Most grooms have fun with it and it’s usually enjoyed by all the guests, as well.

Tossing the bride’s garter is very much the same as a souvenir tee shirt or mini football thrown into a crowd during a football game.  Everyone in the crowd clamors for the souvenir, even though the souvenir’s value is small.  It’s just fun to feel like you are the winner at any occasion. 

At a wedding reception, the idea is pretty much the same.  Usually after the wedding cake has been cut, the DJ or emcee will announce the garter toss and call for all the eligible bachelors to stand in a specific area.   Most of the guys will try to act too cool to participate, but the others will be right up there in front to catch that prized garter.  The garter toss tradition says that the guy who catches the garter will become the next guy to get married. The groom removes the garter from the leg of his bride and then he turns his back to the guys and stretches the garter like a rubber band and fires it back toward the bachelors.  As the garter flies into the air, the bachelors all clamor to catch it.

There are many different tales about the origins of the garter toss. One such tale is that a bride was believed to carry good luck on her wedding day and everyone wanted a piece of that luck.  They preferred a piece of the wedding gown, but since this was obviously not going to happen, the bride’s garter was chosen as a more practical way of acquiring her luck.  The garter toss is to the bachelor’s at the reception, the same as the bouquet toss is to the female guests.  It is usually done after the bouquet toss.


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