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Sometimes, we need something that will keep us motivated and get us back on track.  These are a few tips that help me to stay motivated and not let the mully grubs sneak up on me.



We have to acknowledge and appreciate our failures. Failing on anything is a pretty big deal to me – it’s huge, and it can keep me from lifting another finger to do anything beyond that point.  It’s hard to accept because it is so difficult and demoralizing.  But…there is always something within that failure that we can learn from.  First of all, we don’t want to make the same mistake again!  We have to recognize what caused the failure and not ever let it happen again.  Bouncing back is tough, but we have to turn those failures around and make them into successes.


Finish anything you start.  No matter what it is, whether it’s a book, a movie, a project, a goal, or anything…finish it.  Never, ever quit on anything, no matter how trivial it may seem.  Quitting is just the same as procrastination and it zaps every bit of motivation in you.  Don’t ever allow yourself to quit.



Rewards are the best part of any accomplishment and we can’t forget to reward ourselves.  It can be anything from a dinner out to a vacation!  No matter what your accomplishment is, always reward yourself with something special.  We all need that goal of something to strive or work towards.  A reward can give you the energy or motivation you need to get there.  


Write down on paper any ideas that you have, no matter how silly or ridiculous your ideas may seem.  Those silly ideas just might inspire you to think beyond.  When we lack motivation, using a little creativity or imagination can spark a whole new area of ideas.  Just try it.  You’ll be surprised at how one idea leads to another!


Try not to let negative emotions overwhelm you.  The feelings of hopelessness, of being defeated, and struggling can pull you under faster than you can catch yourself.  If you feel this is happening to you, try to direct your emotions to something positive, such as working harder at your job to get ahead, or finishing a project that is very important to you.  Throw yourself completely into the task and avoid those negative feelings that pull us down so quickly.



We all have different definitions for motivation and we need to know what it is that motivates us. Is it a better life? Is it a sense of achievement or accomplishment?  Once we figure out what motivates us, we can begin working for it.



Some people prefer the couch, a bag of Doritos, and a Desperate Housewives marathon over doing anything productive.  I’d try it for a day or two, anyway.  But seriously, that kind of existence is miserable.  There is nothing good that can come out of that.  No direction or excitement to do anything other than lay there.  If you feel yourself leaning towards the couch, do yourself a favor and don’t do it.


One of the biggest problems we face when feeling overwhelmed with our own sadness or depression is by keeping ourselves isolated.  We can lose our connection with the rest of the world very easily by just turning our computer off.  We meet and reconnect with people everyday online and sites like Facebook have brought many people together who would otherwise have never met.  These social networking sites are great at making us feel connected, but still, there is nothing better than face to face interaction with our friends.   Get out and meet up with your friends, make connections with others and allow them to inspire you…because they will if you let them.

And one last bit of advice…don’t ever hesitate to seek a doctor’s help if you cannot pull yourself out of the ‘Funk’.  Your doctor is your best source for help with feelings of depression.


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