Wedding Favors – It’s All About YOU! | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Everyone loves receiving a wedding favor that you made yourself!  Do-it-yourself wedding favors can be a tremendous savings for your wedding budget, as well as show your unique style and personality at the same time. 

Most brides want to give a wedding favor that is completely different than anything else her friends have used for their weddings.  You can make some very nice favors with your own personal flair by using a few ideas below to spark your creative abilities!



Think about these questions:

What kind of hobbies or interests do you enjoy most?

What is your favorite food or drink?  

Is there anything that you are truly passionate about?

It’s not set in stone, but usually you will want your wedding favors to reflect the same theme or colors of your wedding.  And, if you’ve already chosen your wedding theme or colors, this will help guide you to jumpstart a few ideas.

First you’ll want to think of anything that will hold your favors!  Some fun ideas are shells, organza bags, small baskets, tiny tin pails, small jars, tiny planters, coffee mugs, flute glasses, candle holders, tiny gift bags, small boxes, soap dish, cd case, small vases… and most anything else you can think of will work.


To fill your containers with edible favors, try some of these items.  They are all good and your guest will love them too!  Try Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate heart candies, gourmet hot cocoa mix, spice tea mix, conversational heart candies, cookies, fruit, chocolate maple leaf candies, mints, chocolate seashells, or any other favorites that you especially like.

If you’d rather not fatten up your guests with candy and sweets, you might decide to give non-edible favors.  You can use small decorative soaps, bath salts, floating candles, your own personalized wedding cds, flower seed packets, small sports memorabilia, and one of my favorites… a collection of your favorite poetry or music.


Wrap your favors in tulle, ribbon, raffia, scrapbooking paper, token charms, wall paper, or colored cellophane.  You could even have the ribbons personalized with your names and the date.


It’s also a fun idea to attach a note to your favors with little love messages.  Try some of these for ideas:

A cupful of kisses (for Hershey’s kisses)

Our love will always burn bright (for candles)

Our heart-felt thanks for sharing our special day (heart shaped candy)

Help our love grow together (use with plants or flowers)

Our love is the perfect blend (for teas and coffee, cocoa)

The sweet fragrance of love (for soaps, potpourri)

Perfect harmony (for music cd’s)

All of these ideas are very simple, but elegant, and will save you a quite a bit on your wedding budget.  Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to get this all done so you are not overwhelmed with so much to do.  Have a fun bridesmaid get together and allow everyone in on the fun!  Get creative and have lots of fun at the same time!


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