It’s The Time Of The Season | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner




Everyone loves a spring wedding!  And it’s no wonder…  springtime weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding in a park or on the beach.  And best of all, there are so many beautiful flowers in season to choose from.  Daisies, Peonies, Tulips, and Roses are so beautiful and this is the season to use them!  Springtime is the absolute best time for any wedding, whether it’s indoors or out.  There are so many places to get your inspiration from when planning a springtime wedding and to have the details of your wedding reflect the season.    


Although a springtime wedding is very popular, there are still issues that may need to be resolved.  The biggest issue that I deal with in planning a spring wedding is the chance of rain.  Don’t plan any outdoor wedding without a backup plan for inclement weather.  You may choose to rent a good wedding tent or at least have a tent available if the need arises.  If there is a heavy downpour, you may even consider offering your guests valet parking.  A particularly annoying problem in the spring may be insects.  Some brides offer bug repellent and also have citronella candles set out to help keep the bugs away. 


Spring is also a time of year when weather changes easily…so be prepared to deal with possible hot days and very cool evenings.  You may even want to remind your guests of the possible temperatures, so they will dress appropriately. 


Wedding favors, such as parasols for blocking the sun or a fan for your guests to stay cool during warmer days is a wonderful way to make them feel comfortable.  If your wedding is in the evening, you might even offer a warm shawl as a favor and have a fire pit set up outside.  Your guests will love these thoughtful favors that can be enjoyed even after the wedding is over.


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