It Feels Like The First Time | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Is your groom going to see you before the wedding on your wedding day?  Have you wondered where this tradition originated?


Some people are of the belief or superstition that if the groom sees the bride before the wedding, that bad luck will come to the couple.  Believe it or not, this tradition is based on history and not just superstition.


Many of our wedding traditions came from our European and Egyptian backgrounds.  The traditions symbolize many different superstitions, religions, or folklore from long ago.  Some people even believed that evil spirits and even death would come to the couple if these traditions were not adhered to. 


Although, we really don’t know exactly where this tradition began, it is still very popular today.  And even though we may not be superstitious, most brides follow the tradition, just in case!  Most traditions are fun and bring an element of excitement to the whole wedding celebration.


It is very interesting to know that during the times when arranged marriages were normal, the couple was never allowed to see each other.  It was sort of a business deal between two families.  Fathers wanted their daughters to marry a man from a rich and wealthy land-owning family so they would have much prosperity and good fortune together.  If the bride and groom met ahead of time and the groom thought she was unattractive, he might back out of the deal and cancel the wedding.  Naturally, the bride’s family is hoping to avoid this happening, especially if the father wants his daughter marrying into money.


We don’t really hear much about arranged marriages these days, but many brides still don’t allow their groom to see them before the wedding.  I think it is mostly because of the sense of excitement and longing, and it definitely makes their wedding day more memorable. 


The most popular reason for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding is because brides want to look stunning to their grooms as he sees them for the very first time on their wedding day.  It just wouldn’t have the same effect on the groom if he had already seen the bride in her dress, hair, and makeup before the wedding. 


Even after many years of marriage, grooms will long remember how beautiful his bride was as she stood at the top of the aisle for the very first time.  Hold tight to this tradition…you will be glad you did.


2 thoughts on “It Feels Like The First Time | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

  1. I never encourage my bride and grooms to see each other before the ceremony, even if it would be easier to get that “First look”.

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