Clint and Sherri Eloped! | St. Simons Island Destination Elopement Planner




It was all about the romance! 

Jon Clint Hood and Sherri Elaine Wright of Milledgeville, GA were united in marriage March 11, 2011 on a secluded beach location near Gould’s Inlet on St. Simons Island, GA.  Officiating in the double ring elopement ceremony was Carla Pryor of St. Simons Elopements.

Clint had a planned business trip to St. Simons Island this week, so Sherri decided to come along and turn a little business into pleasure.  They had been engaged for awhile now, but hadn’t set any plans in stone yet, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to ‘just do it’.  The elopement was totally secret to Clint’s business partners and friends, although both Clint’s and Sherri’s close family and friends were all told of the plans before they left for the long weekend.     

The eloping bride, Sherri, was gorgeous in her beautiful ivory cotton and sateen short dress with a scoop neck and a cascading front ruffle.  Her necklace and earrings were made of pearls and pearlized shell pieces.  She wore simple slip off sandals so she could free herself from them as soon as her feet hit the sand.  Clint, the eloping groom, was also very handsome in his pink shirt, khaki slacks, and navy jacket.

We arrived at the chosen beach location at low tide with the sea gulls and egrets chirping above and the ocean breezes cooling the beach area.  The salt air was pure St. Simons and a breath of it is said to make blood pressure drop instantly. 

The sun was just beginning to fall on the horizon as Clint and Sherri looked into each other’s eyes and repeated their vows of love and promise.  As they held hands together, they both listened to the beautiful words of the hand ceremony and of God’s promise to them for a loving relationship together.

They were pronounced husband and wife and as they kissed, the sun shone behind them through their kiss.  They must surely have felt the blessing they are to each other.  It was awesome!


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