Tartan Kilt for Mel and Dan’s Elopement | Jekyll Island Wedding Planner

Melody Gina Weir of the UK and Daniel Clinton Furtado of Brunswick, GA, were married on Saturday morning, April 2, 2011, at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Mel’s Scottish heritage and Scottish brogue called for a wedding chock full of Tartan plaids for her groom and her father.  This was the first visit ever to the United States for Mel’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gault.


Dan and Mel met 4 years ago through competitive card games and quickly realized their common interest.  They lived 5000 miles apart and although their cultures were quite different, they remained together and kept their relationship strong.  After several trips between the UK and the US, Dan decided he had to keep her here.    

The couple arrived early for their 11am ceremony and quickly found that the gnats were also planning on their attendance in full force.  No matter…because love was in the air! 

Mel ‘s wedding gown was floor length chiffon and lace fully lined with sateen.  The empire waist sash was embroidered with pearls and attached the gathered bodice and skirting together.  The chiffon piping spaghetti straps came together in the back to form a vee at the closure.  She looked beautiful with her long brown hair and brown eyes.   She carried a bouquet of white and red roses with mini black bow ties to match the black bow tie worn by her groom.


Dan, the groom, wore a Scottish Tartan Kilt with kilt hose (woolen socks), turned down at the knee, garter flashes, and a sporran (a type of pouch), which hung around his waist from a chain. To accessorize this Scottish tradition, he also wore an embossed buckle belt, a traditional black jacket and bow tie, a kilt pin, a sheathed knife worn in the top of his hose, and a white shirt.  Dan was indeed sporting the Scottish look and quite the interest of the onlookers!


The couple said their “I do’s” before their immediate family, and enjoyed some time afterwards for pictures and a quiet walk on the beach.

For more information on elopements and weddings to the coast of Georgia, please contact me at http://www.stsimonselopements.com


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