September Morn | Jekyll Island Destination Wedding Planner

September morn…

We danced until the night

Became a brand new day.

Two lovers playing scenes

From some romantic play.

September morning

Still can make me feel that way.

~ Neil Diamond


Ben Fields and Stephanie Bradford were married on a beautiful September morning, Saturday, the 10th, at 10am on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA.

Family members and close friends gathered at the chosen beach ceremony sight among the centuries old driftwood as Ben and his brother, who served as his best man, stood with me to await the bride’s entrance.

At last, Stephanie began her walk down the sandy path and onto the beach.  She was escorted and given in marriage by her brother.  Her smile could
not be contained, as she saw her handsome groom and she proceeded forward to stand before her him.

Stephanie was beautiful in her white strapless wedding gown of crisp organza and ruffles with a navy blue sash that tied at the waist.  She carried a tight round bouquet of red roses and a few green spider mums that were held to together at the stems with a white satin ribbon.  Just lovely!  Her long brown hair was pinned up and slightly to the side holding a white handmade flower.  She was simply beautiful!

Ben was also quite the handsome gentleman in his light khaki suit, white shirt, and navy blue paisley bow tie.  He wore a red rose boutonniere to match Stephanie’s bouquet.

The ceremony began as the sea gulls flew above and the waves lapped the shoreline.  They repeated their vows, exchange rings, and poured sand together into a single vase to signify the two as now one and never to be separated.

They were pronounced husband and wife and they sealed it with a kiss.  Ever so romantic!

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