Is That Sweat Or Tears? | Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island Wedding Planner

I love all beach weddings and elopements, but a beach elopement in December or January has got to be my favorite! The beach is almost empty of tourist and the weather couldn’t be better! Temps range in the 60’s and most people will choose the cooler temperatures any day over the hot, humid days of summer.

During the popular wedding month of June, you may think you saw a tear rolling down the cheek of the bride or groom, when actually it was a bead of salty sweat. The saving grace is the cool ocean breeze that blows in off the Atlantic! It is marvelous and truly makes a summertime beach wedding or elopement both beautiful and enjoyable for everyone!

But back to December and January… I did an elopement today at 12 noon on Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island and was instantly reminded why I love the cooler months on the beach. The beach was gorgeous. The temperature was sixty something. No tourist in sight, just the seagulls flying above and the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. It is perfection. It is romantic. It is what dreams are made of.

Contemplating an elopement to St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island, GA? I hope you will consider a December or January elopement.

Book an elopement for December 2012 or January 2013, excluding holidays, and SAVE $$$$! The Elopement package includes the Officiant and Professional Photographer for $600. Call NOW!

Phone: 912-506-0377


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