Margaret and Travis Eloped!| Driftwood Beach Wedding Officiant

I met Travis Edwards on Driftwood Beach about 10 minutes before his beautiful bride, Margaret Kemp, would arrive on March 22, 2014. He was easy to spot, in his black suit and tie, as was I, in my long black robe with 2 photographers in tow.


Travis was looking oh, so handsome with his 6 foot something statue, his tanned body, and his dark brown hair with a few silver ones mixed in.  He was all smiles as he introduced himself and told me of a favorite location on the beach that he and Margaret had decided upon the evening before.  It was a perfect location, indeed.  The St. Simons Lighthouse stood away in the far distance and we stood before the waves lapping on the seashore among the ancient driftwood trees.


Within a few minutes, I saw Margaret walking along the beach toward us.  Travis had not seen her up until this point and I told him he could turn to see her as she walked forward.


Margaret was stunningly beautiful as she grabbed her full skirted tulle wedding gown with both arms and held it to her knees as she made her way through the Driftwood Trees with her bare feet.  Her below the shoulder natural blonde hair was soft and flowing around her beautiful face.  Her smile beamed as she offered her hand out to Travis.


I performed the heartfelt ceremony and the two were at last married!  It was awesome!  I loved it!



Wedding Officiant: Carla Pryor

Hotel & Planner: Villas By The Sea

Photographer: Kathy Lipthratt Photography!/HOME

Ceremony Venue: Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA



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